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eat2explore is an educational food and culture explorer box inspiring families to cook, taste, and discover different world cuisines and cultures. Families can “explore a country”, or for limited subscription, “explore a continent” (4 countries) or “explore the world” (12 countries) – we have 17 different countries/regions.  We make it easy for families to spend quality time in the kitchen and enjoy a meal together.  eat2explore is not just about putting another meal on the table; it’s about carving out time for family, learning tangible cooking skills, exploring world cuisine, and cultivating sustainable consumption habits at an early age.

95 per month

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  1. Kari

    We absolutely love the eat2explore boxes! They are the perfect way to spend quality family time together with our two kids. We love exploring different food from around the world through this product. I can’t even tell you how many memories we’ve made around these boxes!