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Dog’s Best Trend

Dog’s Best Trend provides a thoughtful and stylish dog scarf every month. Scarves are often seasonal and are made with luxurious, high-quality material. A portion of each subscription is donated to a new dog rescue or charity each month.

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  1. Kristina M Small

    I have the subscription but haven’t received anything lately. Just wondering why?

  2. Barbara Lercara

    Bruce loves his scarf!

    • Brandy

      Bruce is so handsome!!!! I love it!

    • Barbara Lercara

      Thank you so much Brandy !

  3. Barbara Lercara

    For 10 dollars this is a great buy! My dog always looks so good in his scarves and he loves them! I also love that this subscription helps charity services for animals!

    • Brandy

      I would personally love to see a picture! 🙂 –Brandy