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Part craft lesson, part soul work, part fun! We Inspire creative spiritual seekers to make meaningful and beautiful keepsakes while gaining insights and inspirations. Each month’s box will feature a seasonal craft centered around an inspirational word and including a ritual or other experience. We also give you a special crystal or stone, as well as one of our exclusive collectible Divine You cards so you can build a deck.

Our focus is on the insights gained in the process of creating, rather than on the finished product, so makers of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Often these keepsakes become cherished because of insights gained, or because the allegedly creatively challenged person created something so meaningful even as they doubted their own creative abilities.

95 per month

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  1. Ann Mukherjee

    Our August kit enables our subscribers to create a gorgeously decorated tote bag using the power of the sun.

  2. Ann Mukherjee

    Our August kit celebrates JOY and enables our subscribers to create a beautifully decorated tote bag using the power of the sun.

  3. Ann

    Not only does this kit provide guidance and items to create something unique but also it is a chance to nourish your soul in the process. Regardless of your level of craftiness, these kits are a delight to delve in to. From the audio-guided meditations to the Divine You Cards, each item seems like it was thoughtfully chosen to offer the recipient the opportunity to explore different avenues of creativity and mindfulness. It brought me such joy to spend time and play with the kit. I can’t wait for the next one! It makes me feel special.