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DateNight Theater

Each month includes six DateNight Theater Dossiers describing in detail the characters you will play during the game. These dossiers and objects will change genres every month -Spies, Celebrities, Hitmen, Serial Killers, politicians; the possibilities and combinations are practically endless! Date night can be more than just a date!
A game with rules that designates a winner and a loser, but more importantly infuses a spice and excitement to date night you won’t forget!
Make it more or less of you want it to be – dress up fully to convey the character from the dossier, or be relaxed and rely on your acting ability!
Complete a list of tasks that your adversary (significant other) doesn’t know about – but get caught and you lose a point!
Guaranteed to make you feel and act different enough to elicit some serious roleplay or even more some hardcore laughter!
Learn something new about yourself and your significant other as you play a vast array of outlined characters!

99 per month

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