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It’s a monthly subscription that delivers Darn Good Yarn brand yarn to your doorstep. Each month is a little different. We include new yarns to invigorate your senses. Darn Good Yarn works with artisans all over the world to make beautiful and unique yarns to helps inspire your projects and live a more artful life.

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  1. Joshua

    The box is horrible. Most of the time, they give you some random yarn you will never match to anything. It is all one of a kind skeins. You get a cheap beginners pattern that would be free or public domain, so you are really just getting advise on how to use that yarn they just sent you. Then you get a free gift…something that has nothing to do with the pattern, some months it had nothing to do with knitting. The custome service is deplorable and they are deceptive in their shipping practices. Most months, they print the lables and mark them as shipped a week before they even had the package ready. My experience was horrible and I encourage caution. If you are a beginner and your looking to add randomness to your collection, this might be for you. If you’re experienced, pass this up…the yarn is just a novelty that you cant match to anything.

  2. Freida C. McConnell

    A little more information on what is in a he boxes

    • Rachel Markos

      I just received mine yesterday, for Feb, and it was literally A skein of yarn, and a pattern, but I think I have to go on Ravelry to download it. I only paid $10 for it, and the yarn seems nice. But the PostStitch boxes spoiled me, getting needles, stitch markers, yarn, pattern, and sometimes another goodie or two. I just haven’t used any of the yarn I got from PS last year, so I didn’t invest this year.