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Daily Harvest Reviews

Updated February 22, 2023

Daily Harvest

Just eating five servings of fruits and vegetables daily will help you be healthier and live longer. But in the busy world we live there are times that we just grab whatever is handy. Daily Harvest is there to make sure that it is something healthy. They also make sure that everything they ship is good for you, by directly working with the farmers that grow their products. The end product is free of the bad stuff, healthy, delicious and delivered to your door. That is why Daily Harvest won the award for the Best Health and Wellness subscription box for 2022, as decided by our readers.

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Subscribing to Daily Harvest 

For many of us we want to eat healthier, but our lives are busier than ever. We just don’t have the time to cook elaborate healthy meals. The lucky thing is that we don’t have to. Daily Harvest is making it easy to subscribe to a healthy way of life, that is convenient, delicious and even more importantly, quick. How do subscriptions work? How many options do you have to choose from? Let’s find out.

How Daily Harvest works 

Their mission is to create sustainable living by working with farmers on better farming practices and then getting these products to the consumers. But instead of just making healthy fresh food available that many people don’t have the time and energy to cook, they also take this a step further.

Daily Harvest creates chef-crafted food that is healthy and delicious. You can get creative with the dishes by adding products that you love, but you don’t have to. Most of these are complete dishes that you really just have to heat and enjoy. It takes moments and your meals are ready to go.

They have a wide range of products for your enjoyment including products like Smoothies, Harvest Bowls, Harvest Bakes, Flatbreads, Crumbles, Soups, Forage Bowls, Scoops, Bites, Lattes and even plant milk.

They in fact offer more than 80 chef-crafted options for any time of day or any craving. You get to choose the number of items you would like, 9, 14 or 24 and you also have the control to decide how often you want them to be delivered, with the option of weekly or monthly delivery. You get to decide exactly what comes inside your subscription box and since there are price tags on each product you also have complete control on how much it will cost you in the end.

At the same time no one wants to keep getting the exact same foods every month. That could become boring very quickly. That is why Daily Harvest always offers you the option of modifying your items and your plan preference and your delivery schedule and you can do this any time.

They also give you a lot of flexibility in their delivery schedule, including a delivery reminder when products are shipped and many different option plans. Daily Harvest even allows you to choose if you want to log in to your account on your web browser or would like to download their app and control your account and deliveries from there.

All of the products are delivered frozen and that is because it allows Daily Harvest the ability to provide the highest quality nutrients possible. Freezing the items at peak ripeness also allows for the best flavor and texture. It locks in the nutrients that come from allowing fruits and vegetables to ripen on the plant.

Frozen food also ensures that there is less waste since it can be kept frozen until you are ready to eat it. In contrast with fresh food that can go off and you might need to discard before you get to enjoy them.

Examples of Daily Harvest products

Since they currently have more than 80 options for their clients to choose from, there are a lot of choices. There really is something for every taste. Just imagine, if you only eat one Daily Harvest product a day, then it will take you almost three months to try their entire catalogue.

Let’s start with their delicious smoothies. They have many lovely flavors to choose from. For example, there is a mango and papaya option that also has pineapple, acerola and macadamia in it. They describe that this option tastes like a creamy mango sorbet. Or the chocolate and hazelnut smoothie that also includes banana, kale, coconut, cacao and avocado, and tastes like a chocolate and hazelnut milkshake. There are so many delicious options that you might not know where to start.

The smoothies come in a cup with all of the ingredients, except for the liquid that you use to blend the product. They give you instructions on how to blend, and tips on the type of liquid to use for each smoothy. Like coconut milk or water. You blend it all in the blender and your smoothy is ready to enjoy.

Another option is the Daily Harvest Bakes that are ready for you to pop into the oven and bake until ready. You don’t even need to defrost these, you just place the frozen dish in the oven and then bake for 22-27 minutes. It is really simple.

Another great product is the Forage Bowls. There are loads of options in both sweet and savory.  If you are having a craving for your favorite dessert, like peach cobbler, then you might be surprised that there is an option that tastes similar available among these delicious treats.

Preparing Forage Bowls will entail that you will need to add your preferred milk to the dish, and cook it on the stovetop or in the microwave for only a few minutes and then enjoy.

These and many more products are all available for you to choose from and add to your subscription box. Getting bored with all of the options on offer is not really a likelihood.

Daily Harvest options and prices

With so many options to choose from there are just as many price points on offer. You can customize your subscription box and choose the products that you want to receive.

  • Soups are priced at $8.49 per item
  • Smoothies priced at $8. 49 per item
  • Harvest Bowls priced at $9.79 per item
  • Harvest Bakes priced at $11.99 per item
  • Flatbreads priced at $9.79 per item
  • Crumbles priced at $9.79 for 3 servings
  • Forager Bowls priced at $6.79 per item
  • Scoops priced at $8.99 per pint
  • Bites priced at $7.99 for 7 bites
  • Lattes priced at $5.99 for 2
  • Mylk priced at $7.99 for ½ gallon

You have the option to choose how often you want your subscription to be delivered, weekly or monthly. And you also have the option between 9, 14 or even 24 items per delivery. They have flexible deliveries schedules and you can customize your box option for your needs.

Benefits and Drawbacks for Daily Harvest

Nothing is perfect, not even delicious and healthy food that is delivered to your door. Let’s look at some of the benefits and the negatives of a Daily Harvest subscription.

Drawbacks of Daily Harvest 

One of the saddest parts of Daily Harvest is that they only deliver in the United States. But it does make sense since these are fresh frozen foods that need to be quality controlled. They need to ensure that the quality stays high. Shipping these products internationally would be difficult. But it is still a negative.

And then the other big negative is that you need to figure out which products you love. Not everyone enjoys all of their products and since there is such a wide variety, which I love on the one hand, it will also make it difficult to find your favorite dish.

There is also some assembly required but very little, mostly it is very easy to prepare and finish off.

Benefits of Daily Harvest 

It is healthy and it tastes really good. This is probably one of the biggest pros that you can have when subscribing to a food box. It will help you achieve the goal of eating healthier and getting in all of the fruits and the vegetables that you could want.

95% of the ingredients that Daily Harvest uses in their products are organic and they work with the farms that provide their products to ensure better farming practices. They are also completely transparent and you can get a full list of organic fruits and vegetables that are used.

Another way that Daily Harvest is trying to be good for the environment is through their packaging that is recyclable. They are doing their part to make people healthier and more environmentally friendly.

Is Daily Harvest worth it? 

Yes, it is definitely worth it. The products are delicious and healthy and they are also very convenient to use. Since they come frozen there is much less danger of needing to discard spoiled produce. And that will save you money in the long run.

You have a lot of control over the products that you receive and you get to choose exactly what you want. The prices are reasonable and they are easy to use. Even if you can’t cook at all you can finish the prep work on these dishes.

Tips to maximize your Daily Harvest subscription 

You do get more of a discount as you buy more products at one time. It could pay to order a bigger shipment at one time. For example, choosing to buy 24 items in your subscription instead of 9. If that sounds like a lot, then remember that you do have the option of only receiving deliveries once a month. And you can edit your order at any time. Plus, all Daily Harvest products come frozen, so ordering products in advance is possible since they won’t easily spoil.

There are also websites like Hello Subscriptions that often have coupons on offer. Check on those websites before placing your order and they could save you a lot of money too.


How much does Daily Harvest cost?

This really depends on the items that you choose and how you customize your subscription. The price of your subscription is really in your hands.

What do you get inside the Daily Harvest subscription?

Whichever products that you choose to include inside your subscription. You can choose between 9, 14 or even 24 items per delivery. And pick the items that you want to receive.

When does the Daily Harvest ship?

Once again it works on your schedule. You decide if you want monthly or weekly deliveries. And if you are in NY, LA, Miami or Philadelphia then you also have the option of getting instant delivery.

Where does Daily Harvest ship to?

They ship all over the United States, but as mentioned there are some cities that have the added option of getting instant delivery when you get the craving.

How do you cancel your subscription?

You can manage your account on the website by logging in to your account or on the Daily Harvest iOS app. Managing your subscription is very simple and you can easily customize, edit and even cancel your subscription at any time.

Does Daily Harvest use organic ingredients?

Yes, as far as possible they do use organic produce to create their products. At the moment 95% of all ingredients that they use are completely organic. But they are also working with farmers to implement better farming practices to allow for even more organic produce that they can use in their creations.

Are preparations for Daily Harvest products difficult?

No, preparing these dishes is not difficult. Most of the food they offer is ready with-in minutes of being taken out of the freezer. And they give clear instructions with all of their dishes. You do not need to know how to cook to get these dishes ready.

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