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Coin and Currency Club Reviews

Updated October 20, 2023

Coin and Currency Club

Love foreign currencies? Captivated by other cultures? With a subscription to Coin and Currency Club, you will receive monthly a coin and banknote from a anywhere in the world along with a postcard full of facts, statistics, photos, and history of the subject nation. Whether you are a hobbyist looking for an engaging way to expand your collection, an aspiring traveler dreaming up your next destination, or a parent looking for an affordable way to give your child the lifelong gift of international curiosity, Coin and Currency Club will inspire everyone!


99 per month

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Coin and Currency Club Reviews + Ratings
4 ratings

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  1. JANA

    I ordered this 1 month ago for my granddaughter. I have emailed the Coin and Currency Club twice this week asking for information on my subscription box. I have yet to receive a response. My account on their site says “Awaiting delivery. ” My Account also states that my next billing will be on the September 29th of this month. How can they possibly bill me a 2nd time, when I have not received the the first order.
    I was really excited to gift this to my granddaughter. What a huge disappointment.


    they dont send you anything they take your money . sent one coin set then claimed the pot office was having issues? really the post office is great. i asked too many times as they canceled and r keeping the money. buyer beware

  3. Alex H.

    I want to start by saying that I truly wanted to give them a good review and the concept is a very good one. Although you are paying more than the coins are actually worth at face value (a lot more), you are getting a sampling of coins from around the world, which can be fun for children and probably some adults as well.

    I come here posting this review not because I am relishing it but because I feel like I must state my opinion about this business. This is my opinion only and it is only my own experience with this business.

    I came across an ad about this business sometime early in 2022 on a social media platform and I thought that the idea was a good one for my son. I decided to subscribe to the website because even though it’s about $12 and it’s more than the actual face value of the coins, all in all the cost is not so high and you get a new set every month. That was the good part.

    Unfortunately, although I was billed sometime in early spring, I did not receive the first delivery until well into a month and a half later. I did contact the website through their customer service email, as they do not have any phone number anywhere. I did receive a response and they promised that they would be getting the deliveries done on time. Owing to the fact that my son enjoys coin collecting and also learning about new countries, I figured I’d give them a chance because, after all, it’s only about $12 a month or so.

    Unfortunately, my decision to give them a second chance in retrospect was a bad one. While I have been billed each month like clockwork at the beginning of the month (on the first), deliveries are consistently late up to even a month. In fact, it sometimes is very difficult to determine whether or not the delivery received was supposed to be for the current month or prior month, because the deliveries essentially overlap after a while. My son consistently goes to the mailbox after school awaiting the delivery for that month only to be disappointed because it is yet again delayed. And boy is it delayed.

    Possibly in response to other complaints, the website owner apparently instituted some sort of changes that he promised would make the delivery process more efficient and on their website they now have some sort of tracking system to determine when payments are made and when deliveries are made. Wow this was a hopeful measure, it hasn’t actually made anything better. Let me explain for the month of November 2022:

    On November 1, 2022, they charge me like clockwork the usual subscription fee. On their website as of today, which is nearly 3 weeks into the month of November it is still stating that the delivery is ‘pending’.

    I received an email today from the customer service email, which I believe is the email that the proprietor uses, giving me all sorts of excuses why the delivery will not only be late, but may actually not even be made for a while! I wish I could post that email because it is so ridiculous and laughable, but I will summarize it by saying that apparently they’re late on there November delivery because of, Veteran’s Day, Election day, and now, of course, Thanksgiving! (which hasn’t even arrived yet and is going to happen in about a week and they have an entire week until the Thanksgiving holiday to make the delivery). So this ridiculous email says that they cannot make the delivery for November because they are ‘giving their workers Thanksgiving off’, after all so apparently having given them off Veteran’s Day and Election Day (Even if that were so what about all of the other days???). This makes it sound like some sort of big retail outlet where they have hundreds if not thousands of workers and they’re so busy that they’re just going to give them the holiday off. It makes no sense because Thanksgiving isn’t until the 3rd week of the month, and by that point any other business would have likely sent to deliveries given the fact that people were billed on the 1st of the month. With almost every other business I deal with I generally have the shipping made within a day or so at most of the payment. Keep in mind that this is just to ship, not to just deliver. It’s like you are going to Amazon or some other website and they do not ship the item until 3 or 4 weeks later, and then ‘Jeff Bezos’ sends you an email saying that they’re going to give their workers Thanksgiving off so you’re not going to get your item delivered for another week or two, despite Thanksgiving not being a good 3 weeks into the month. I really don’t know what is going on with this particular business and it’s proprietors but all I can say is that they are consistently late on their deliveries and make up all sorts of excuses when they are late. They do not even have an option to cancel the order rebills, and you basically have to contact the same proprietor by emailing them at the customer service email. Responses are very inconsistent through that email and so you are compelled essentially to go to your credit card company and ask them to stop the billing. Although their terms of service say that you have to go to them first to let them resolve the dispute it seems like they don’t really look into these disputes very consistently because they keep billing you. So all in all, a good concept but with terrible delivery, metaphorically and literally.

  4. Julie K.

    Our kids love this box! The stickers are a nice touch 🙂 We had an issue with a box being damaged in transit and customer service sent a replacement out the same day!

  5. Debra Daigle

    My kids absolutely love this box! We’ve been subscribed for a few months and each month has been a pleasant surprise. This box not only applies to children, as an adult I find the foreign currency absolutely fascinating.