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ChocoTravlr is an international chocolate experience delivered directly to your mouth – every month! Every box comes with an exploration of local chocolate from a different country each month, a personal note from the country’s curator, and a description of the chocolate you are receiving. Direct-to-mouth chocolate from around the world. Without leaving your home.

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  1. victoria.crispo

    I purchased a 3-month subscription and was extremely disappointed. The chocolate was not, as I was expecting, high quality, obscure, hard-to-find brands from around the world. The first box we received was from Norway, and my BF was familiar with the brand because he’s had it while visiting family in Switzerland. The brand is one which you can find in any grocery store, kind of the equivalent of Hershey’s or Cadbury. The next box wasn’t much better, and this last box, which is actually from Germany, has a couple of bars of RITTER SPORT,which I can get in my OWN local grocery store, right here in the US. Blech! I’ve seen (and purchased) a better selection of unique chocolates that actually taste good at Whole Foods. I still love the idea of this, it’s just a shame that the chocolate is completely mediocre. The note from the local curator is a nice touch.