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Byte Reviews

Updated December 16, 2022


Having a winning smile can boost your confidence! Teeth spacing and over-crowding can severely damage your self-esteem. Byte wants to help everyone get the smile that they deserve. Additionally, they want to do it at a price that you can afford and traditional methods can cost thousands. Byte wants to cut the costs but still give you the backing of a network of doctors and a plan that is created especially for your needs and smile.

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Subscribing to Byte

Going to the dentist makes many of us nervous. Subscribing to an entire system that will allow you to get a nice smile could make you even more so. But having all of the details at your disposal might set your mind at ease and help you decide whether or not you want to subscribe to the service.

How Byte works

Byte is designed to help people with an overbite, people with spacing issues and also people with crowding problems. They want to help people get a stunning smile, without the massive price tag that you often pay with traditional methods and retainers.

You start by buying an impression kit. It includes everything that you would need to create and send the company an impression of your teeth. They also expect photos, since the company believes that your smile is more than just your teeth. They look at your entire face and with five points of analysis, they create a unique structure to bring balance to your features. It can feel overwhelming to take the impressions on your own instead of with a licensed dentist. But they do give you 2 tries for both the top and the bottom teeth. Even if you mess up the first time you will have the opportunity to try again. And if you then if you still have trouble, they will send you a new impression kit and you only pay the shipping costs. Plus, they give you the option of phoning them while you are doing it and allowing someone to walk you through it.

You send your pictures and your impression kit into the Byte and they will assess your teeth. If they can’t help you, then they will send you a full refund on the impression kit. But if you are a good candidate then you can start with the next steps. They will create your aligner set, and you can choose between a plan of wearing aligners at night or during the day. You receive a few sets of aligners that are each typically worn for a week at a time. They also give you a revolutionary device called HyperByte that is included in each aligner kit. This is a high-frequency high vibration device that you use for 5 minutes a day. This device makes your aligners fit better and could even reduce any discomfort that comes from wearing your aligners.

Throughout your treatment plan, you will continue sending pictures to the team. This will allow them to stay on top of your plan and ensure that you are progressing as they had hoped. Normally a treatment plan is on average about 4 months long, but that does depend on the severeness of the issue and how quickly your teeth react. For their all day users, you would need to wear your aligners for around 22 hours per day and as often as possible. You only take them out to eat, drink and brush your teeth. But besides that, they stay in around the clock.

For Nighttime Aligners, this needs to be worn for at least 10 consecutive hours per night and also be worn every single night. You need to put them in when you start going to bed and then take them out in the morning. During the daytime you can also put them in any time during the day that you have some time. These aligners are invisible and they probably won’t even be noticed when you are wearing them. This helps for anyone that is a little bit self-conscious about wearing the aligners.

Byte is designed with the help of dentists. It is possible that your dental plan might even pay for Byte treatment. They don’t accept direct payment from insurance companies but they do give you forms to send in to your insurance company and they could possibly pay you back for your treatments. They treat ages 12 and up that already have all of their adult teeth. But will need parental consent if you are younger than 18. The company even sends you a 3D visualization of your current smile and what it will look like when you have finished your journey. They will send this to you after they receive your impressions and other information.

Byte examples 

There are two options for Byte treatments. An option that you use during the day and one you use at night. From then on, they will work out a plan that is unique to you. Each treatment plant lasts about 4 months but this could depend on your needs.

Byte options and prices 

First off you begin with the Byte Impression kit and that costs you $95. The nice thing about that is that your cash will be given back to you if an orthodontist determines that you are not a candidate. But when they do have a plan for you then you move on to the next step.

For the full aligner set you will need to pay an additional $1895. This includes the HyperByte teeth movement accelerator. In this plan they also offer BrightByte teeth whitener. While you straighten your teeth, you can also whiten it. It is like a complete makeover for your mouth.

It can be a lot to pay at once, so it is lucky that they offer affordable payment plans to help you pay it off instead of paying it all in one go.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Byte 

This is a very interesting subscription service. It is like ordering medical assistance through delivery. What are some of the benefits and the drawbacks of Byte?

Benefits of Byte

First there are the cons. You make the initial impression of your teeth on your own. They do help you through the process of creating the impression and they offer you another kit if you don’t succeed in your first two tries. At the same time, it can still feel overwhelming and you can feel worried that you don’t do it correctly and your entire system doesn’t work correctly. That shouldn’t happen. It is pretty fail proof. But it is still a worry.

Another big con is the price tag. It is really expensive. True, it is less expensive than traditional treatments, but normally your dental plan will pay for it right away. If they do cover orthodontics of course. But in this case, you need to pay it all out of pocket and then you can possibly get it refunded from your dental plan.

Byte does however offer payment plans to help you pay for the treatment easier than just paying it all at once.

Drawbacks of Byte 

It has been created by dentists and there are orthodontists on the team that will review your impressions and work out your plan. They don’t just work on your teeth but plan it around your entire face to ensure your teeth do not look out of place.

They deliver anywhere in the United States. And a big thing is that there aren’t any in office visits to check your aligners. They plan it out from start to finish and help you reach the goal that they have set before you. They give you all of the tools to get the smile that you have always wanted. It is expensive but it is still cheaper than most of the traditional ways that you can get a retainer.

Tips to maximize your subscription 

The first would be to use it as prescribed. You don’t want to pay all of that money and then it doesn’t work just because you didn’t wear it as often as it was subscribed.

They do have promotional codes that can help you with discounts. Byte also offers military discounts for the military and veterans. And also offer discounts to students for graduates and college students. There are also websites like Hello Subscription that often offer discount coupons, so before you subscribe you should first check that out and make sure that you are paying the best price possible.

How does Byte compare to other alignment plans? 

Traditional plans are generally a lot more expensive. But they can be paid directly from the insurance. In this case you need to claim it after you have bought the plan out of pocket. They do offer payment plans and that will help you with the cost. In contrast to traditional treatments, you never have to visit an orthodontist or dentist’s office and have any check-ups. Everything is done digitally and you will be in contact with Byte through an app.

You create your teeth impressions yourself and they will be sent away and created from your impression kit. This can feel overwhelming, but according to the company it isn’t that hard to do. The aligners are designed for you ahead of time and you will get an entire set, or at least most of it, all at once. Normally multiple aligners will be made for you over a long period of time. One of the biggest differences is the HyperByte teeth movement accelerator that you receive with your treatment plan. This is said to help you with the treatment.


What does Byte cost?

The impression kit costs $95. This is refundable if you aren’t found to be a good candidate. The full aligner set costs an additional $1895. It includes your aligners, the exclusive HyperByte teeth movement accelerator and BrightByte teeth whitener.

When does Byte ship?

After you have made your modeling kit and sent in your teeth impressions, it will take around 4 to 6 weeks to receive your aligners.

Where does Byte ship?

They ship all over the United States.

Does Byte allow returns?

They allow a refund if you have sent in the impression kit and has been found not to be a candidate. They also offer a replacement plan if you receive any products that have been damaged. They don’t allow for returns, for the health and safety of their clients. But they will send a replacement.

Can you use insurance to pay for Byte?

Not at first, they don’t accept direct payment from insurance companies. But if your dental plan does provide orthodontic benefits, you could be able to claim the funds from your treatment back from them. Byte can provide you with claim forms to help with this process.

What if you mess up your impressions?

The kit includes four putties in total and they only need one good impression from the top and bottom teeth each. If you get one of each then that is perfect and their team can look at it. If you don’t manage to get one of each then Byte will send you a new kit and you only have to pay for the shipment.

Can you do only night treatments?

Yes, they now also offer a premium night aligner system that allows you to straighten your teeth as you sleep. For this option, you will wear the aligners for 10 hours each night and pair it with the 5-minute HyperByte treatment.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

The age limit starts from ages 12 and above. A child that uses this treatment needs to have all of their adult teeth and they need to be approved by Orthodontists. 18 years and younger will need to get parental consent.

Are there any warranties?

Yes, during the treatment they will provide additional aligners as needed to produce the smile that they have promised to provide. And even after your treatment has been completed, you will have the added peace of mind to know that they stand by your smile. If your teeth shift even years after your treatment, then they will evaluate and allow for further treatment to bring back the final smile.

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