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Bully Make is the only subscription company that focuses on heavy chewers! We deliver toys and treats based on your dog’s weight. You get hand selected perfection in every Bullymake Box.

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  1. Alex Rosenfield

    Love this box. Customer service is excellent and the product are TOUGH – perfect for my power chewing dog and couldn’t recommend it more.

  2. Emily Ward

    Excellent box with high quality USA made goods. Customer service is fantastic.

  3. Jennifer Mankel

    They are a cheap knock off of BarkBox. Bully Make makes cheap toys that fall apart within one day and treats that smell like horrible chemicals. Oh and if you appreciate good customer service you will NOT get it here. I would not ever spend another dime with this horrible company ever.

  4. Lorna

    I canceled my subscription in writing immediately after the first box arrived. My dogs did not like the hard plastic toy nor most of the treats. I still received a box the next month. They do not have a return system for their mistakes. Forced to take to post office to “return to sender”. Very disappointing experience. Note the toys in the second box were the same as the first months, just different shapes.

  5. Tyler

    I got a BullyMake box and my dog loves it! I used the code “Hiredhelp” at checkout for $10 off my plan which was dope!

  6. Jenny

    I am very disappointed with Bullymake. I was excited to see this subscription service was now available in Australia. So I ordered a box in early December for Christmas. I finally recieved it today. Early February 2017. Two months later. While the staff were very communicative and apologetic and did follow through on my problems I think a 2 month wait is ridiculous. 1st the shipping department sent it within the US. My town name is the only one in the world. It bounced all over the States. Bullymake said they will resend it when it is returned by mail. Still nothing. Then they said they would reissue a box and gave me a tracking number. 2 weeks later I check it as a package from the US takes under 2 weeks to arrive in Australia. Turns out it was sitting at the postal service waiting for a label. I ask for a refund. They say no as it is on its way but will refund $10. Two weeks later it arrives. 2 toys. 4 treats. Value approx $45. I paid $49 inc shipping. So basically I saved $6 and only because I was give $10 back. So if I received it on time I would have lost $4. So probably not a good deal for Australians. Sorry guys even though your customer service was good your dispatch team let you down and the cost isn’t really a saving. Plus my dog doesn’t even like the toys. So it’s a big thumbs down from me.