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Bloomin’ Bin

A subscription box for gardeners of all skill levels! We send seeds (and sometimes live plants) that are well suited to the time of year! Get Just Seeds, or go for a Bin with seeds, items, and knowledge to get started. Just add soil, water, and sun!

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  1. Just Sew Trish

    I am loving it! WHat a great subscription box! I love that this subscription box is not just a project to entertain the kids, not just an educational experience, but it is also giving a long term gift of food! YUM! SO the box literally comes with EVERYTHING, but water and sun, to grow something. Including a planter conatainer! What a treat! As a homeschool mom, I am always looking for hands on experiences for my children, BUT pinterest just wears this mama out. Not only do I have to find the project, I have to print out the instructions or create them and then go about gathering and buying supplies. By the time we are starting the project, I am over it. So the idea that this sweet box shows up with the idea, instructions, and supplies and I didn’t have to put forth any effort, I am just as excited as they are to work on the project! Thank you!
    My box opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXVT3rx76NM

  2. Paul Facey

    Nice to get a package that is ecologically friendly and interesting. The strawberry plants were just in time for the season and the inclusion of not only soil and pots, but also plant food that I didn’t even know existed was a nice plus. I learned something. Good start.