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Bespoke Post Reviews

Updated October 20, 2023

Bespoke Post

A curated box for delivering unique items centered around a specific theme. Past themes have included bar mixology, charcuterie entertaining, and complete shoe care for professionals. Bespoke Post scours the globe to discover the finest brands and assemble their gear into themed boxes based on your interests.

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Becoming a Bespoke Post Member

Bespoke Post offers a monthly membership that delivers boxes of premium goods from lesser-known small businesses. The bottom line is that every month, you’ll be introduced to top-shelf items focused on a story or theme like a better way to shave or outdoor gear. Members find that they discover their favorite new brands through this subscription.  

It starts with filling out a quiz when you sign up so that Bespoke Post can learn more about your interests. The membership is all about helping members discover new goods that they may not have found elsewhere and that ignite a passion for a new hobby or experience. 

Every item included is high quality, with almost all the products coming from small businesses. Many of Bespoke Post’s boxes are worth double or more in retail value compared to the cost of a monthly subscription. That’s because Bespoke Post places large orders with those small businesses, then passes the savings on to members. 

This box is one of the easiest out there to gift and has broad appeal. The recipient will receive premium products and can customize the box to their needs. 

How a Bespoke Post Membership Works

Every month, Bespoke Post curates new boxes around a theme. You can preview the box they’ve chosen for you and select from one of three options: keep it, swap it, or skip it. 

This means that you make no commitment if you don’t like what they’ve shown you. Club membership has zero obligations. It’s free to join, and you can always swap your box out for another one, or skip it entirely without any charge. 

You start by taking a basic quiz so that Bespoke Post will have a better idea of what you’re into. This includes questions about barware and mixology, home decor and accessories, style accessories, clothing, cigars and tobacco, and more. Then you get to preview the box and make your choices. New options and member perks are introduced monthly based on your feedback. 

What you’ll get in the mail is a personalized blend of unique products intended to surprise and delight. These are hand-crafted items from unexpected places that you likely wouldn’t otherwise discover. Bespoke Post is all about introducing you to your new favorite brands.

How Much Does a Bespoke Post Membership Cost?

Membership is free and involves zero commitment. If you become a member, each box costs $49. Standard shipping to the contiguous United States is $4.95.  You’ll receive an email five days before you’re charged which will ensure that you’re interested in the next box that’s been selected for you.

Non-club members can also purchase boxes for $70. Standalone products are available from the Bespoke Post Shop.

Getting a membership is easy, free, and comes with no obligation, so why not try it out? Click here to find out more about what a Bespoke Post membership offers.

Benefits & Drawbacks of a Bespoke Post Membership


  • No risk, no obligation: Bespoke Post provides every member an opportunity to switch out or skip a box each month. This gives you maximum flexibility in terms of how to handle your membership. You’re also able to cancel your membership at any time. 
  • Cool stuff from unexpected places: Bespoke Post prides itself on offering high-quality goods that you’ll love. From premium shaving kits to rugged camping gear to fascinating tech gadgets, you’re bound to find something that catches your fancy. It’s the perfect way to access a new hobby or gain a deeper appreciation for something you already love.
  • Savings: These boxes contain items that are often worth more than double what members pay. By creating large orders for members, Bespoke Post is able to save you money. It’s premium products without the sticker shock.
  • Supporting small businesses: More than 90% of Bespoke Post’s items originate from small businesses. Their whole goal is to connect you with brands you might not know about that are offering something different. 
  • Easy to gift: For the special people in your life, a Bespoke Post membership is a great gift. The flexibility of the subscription means it’s easy to offer as a one-off or something the recipient continues to enjoy. 
  • Customizable: Pre-selected boxes based on your interests may have exactly what you want. And if they don’t, you can switch it out for another box. Bespoke Post is focused on providing plenty of options for members.


  • Returns are only for complete boxes in perfect condition. The company does not accept single-item returns.
  • Shipping is $10 per box for those in Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada.

What’s Inside a Bespoke Post Box? 

Of course, every box is different and you’ll have a choice among boxes curated each month. Here are a few examples of what to expect:

  • Habano: This riverside cigar kit has what you need for a relaxing day of fishing. Inside you’ll find four Mad Minnow Cigars, a tackle box, and hand-tied fishing flies. All items are made by Big Sky Cigar Co.
  • Hecho: Are you ready to whip up a full-on taco spread from scratch? This box comes with a DIY hot sauce kit, an artisan-made molcajete, and a stainless steel taco rack holder.
  • Cured: For meat lovers only. Includes several different types of chorizo and pepperettes, perfect for fashioning your very own mouth-watering charcuterie board.
  • Rooted: Here’s how to add more green to your life with low-maintenance plants. Comes with several beautiful green houseplants, potting mix, lava rocks, and a ceramic planter.
  • Lucent: This is an example of the quality of the products you’ll receive from Bespoke Post. This box comes with a stylish stainless steel play watch from Breda along with a distinctive leather key holder from Ezra Arthur. 
  • Weekender bag: Top-notch, durable travel bag available in four colors. This is a canvas bag with leather handles and buckles. Like many of Bespoke Post’s boxes, this one comes with a little surprise inside, too.  

Like what you see? You can always order past individual boxes through Bespoke Post. These can be combined with a membership order or completed on their own.

Is a Bespoke Post Membership Worth It?

Well, membership is free, so yes, it’s definitely worth it! Once you become a member, you’re invited to peruse their boxes of unique, premium goods each month. Members rave about the high-quality items centered around a thoughtful theme and that they can customize the subscription to their liking.

If you’re ready to find out more about a Bespoke Post membership, click on this link. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Bespoke Post Compare to Gentleman’s Box?

Gentleman’s Box is a monthly subscription intended to fill out your wardrobe with high-quality socks, bowties, ties, and more. Gentleman’s Box is somewhat less expensive at $35 per month compared to Bespoke Post’s $49 per box.

That said, the two offer different experiences. Gentleman’s Box is exclusively for clothing–it’s more like Stitch Fix for men. Bespoke Post, on the other hand, offers a wide range of lifestyle items from lesser-known, premium brands.

How Does Bespoke Post Compare to Vices?

Vices is a monthly subscription that is also a popular choice in men’s gifts. It is more expensive than Bespoke Post–almost $100 per month for an annual subscription. Vices offers “unique items for the sophisticated connoisseur,” such as handcrafted leather goods, fine spirits, and high-quality foods. Bespoke Post is less expensive and carries more items that have everyday uses. 

Can I Give a Bespoke Post Membership as a Gift?

Yes. You have three choices:

1. Digital gift card: When you purchase a gift card, it’s sent to your email address. You can then print it out or forward it to the gift recipient.
2. Gift card: If you want a physical gift card, one can be sent directly to the recipient along with a personalized message.
3. Box and gift card: Bespoke Post will take a box in stock and add a gift card. This lets the recipient enjoy a box now, then continue to receive boxes in the coming months.

Recipients should go to bespokepost.com/redeem to use their gift card. There the recipient will be able to choose a box right away and will have the option to join the club. The gift cards never expire, and the recipient doesn’t have to enter a credit card number. Note that gift cards are ineligible for returns.

What Are Bespoke Post’s Shipping Policies?

Standard shipping for members is $4.95 per box, except for orders over $95 which qualify for free shipping. Shipping in the lower forty-eight states usually takes between three and eight business days. Shipping to Canada takes ten to fifteen business days; shipping to Alaska and Hawaii takes fifteen to twenty business days.

Boxes typically ship between the 6th and 15th of each month. You can go to your account and click on the shipment to see the estimated shipping dates.  

If you receive a broken or damaged item, contact customer service by text at 914-326-2765 or by email at [email protected].

What Are Bespoke Post’s Return Policies?

Bespoke Post accepts returns with the stipulation that you must return the entire box in its original mint condition. For most boxes and products, Bespoke Post has a 60-day window for returns. Typically, it takes two to three weeks to complete the return process. 

You can choose to do an exchange, return for store credit, or receive a refund on the credit you used to purchase the box. If you have any questions, you can always contact customer service by text at 914-326-2765 or by email at [email protected].

How Do I Change or Skip a Box?

Every month, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a Bespoke Post box customized to your interests. You’ll also have the chance to swap out or skip the box if you wish to do so. (You can skip as many boxes as you like.)

In the first five days of the month, go to the box page, then click Manage My Shipment or the blue box icon in the top right of the browser window. Then you can remove the current box or choose opt out. You can easily verify this by checking that the box is no longer in your cart.

If you forget to do this in the first five days of the month and would like to skip a box, contact customer service by text at 914-326-2765 or by email at [email protected].

What Is the Bespoke Post Store?

If you have any interest in Bespoke Post, it’s probably worth it to get a membership, as they’re free with no strings attached. But if you don’t want another subscription in your life, you can order individual boxes and products through the Bespoke Post store. Boxes are $49 through the subscription, and $70 when purchased individually. 

How Do I Cancel a Bespoke Post Membership?

If you discover that Bespoke Post isn’t for you, you can cancel by choosing the Subscription section in your account page. When canceling, be sure to click through all the steps until you reach the cancellation page. Your club membership will be canceled the 1st of the following month. 

Is Bespoke Post Right for Me?

Are you looking for a great gift? Do you want to receive a box of excellent-quality products that will enhance your lifestyle? Then you may want to give Bespoke Post a try. Whether you’re looking to improve your clothing style, up your game in the kitchen, or just appreciate the finer things in life, Bespoke Post has you covered.

Get your subscription started today at a discounted rate when you use this link.  

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