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BE KIND by Ellen

The BE KIND by ellen box was an created to help people spread kindness. You’ll get a box full of fun, unique, amazing products that I love and want to share with you. I also wanted to focus on brands and products that do social good. And to top it off, a donation will be made to The Ellen Fund by brands that are participating in this box.

99 per quarter

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  1. Mike

    Ordered a yearly subscription. I’ve only received two boxes and they are trying to charge me AGAIN the yearly price in less than six months. I tried to contact customer service and no response. The price you pay you’d think we’d get a decent quality product and it’s all crap.

  2. Luz Elena Rivera

    I signed up in Oct 2019 for the annual subscription and it’s April 2020 I’m already being charge a renew annual fee. The 4th box was never sent to me. I was expecting for my renew fee to be charge after the summer box was sent. This has been a terrible experience! The words be kind are Useless when you feel like hell with this customer service!

  3. Cynthia Haywood

    It is easy to sign up for subscription and impossible to cancel. I cannot believe that Ellen (who I used to have mad respect for) has her name on this debacle! I finally gave up and paid for the past three boxes issued (they kept sending notices even though I had canceled by email) and received three of the same boxes in the mail the past two days! Three pairs of sunglasses etc…..No one to talk to. Sending email after email with no response except thank you for subscribing. I want out! wish I had never subscribed!!

  4. Renee Walker

    I guess I am not the only one trying to get a hold of SOMEONE in Customer Service. I received 2 Holiday Boxes, charged for 2. Tried to log in to my account and says my email does not exist, but when I try to create a new account it says email already exist. HOW DO WE GET A HOLD OF SOMEONE???? I do not want to get duplicates again or be charged double.

  5. Eva

    Worst customer service EVER. I have sent 6 emails, first one December 10th… today is January 11th. Furthermore, they sent the box to the wrong address and won’t even return my emailS to fix the problem. Horrible, save your time and money. Have still to this day, never heard back from them.

  6. Rick

    I’ve been trying to reach csr about my second box. Holiday one and can’t even get a response. What a fraud. Looks so good on tv and such a disappointment in real life

  7. Mary Beth Stearns

    I was so excited to get these boxes. All that’s in them is junk. (The 49.00 key, and the bracelet that turned my arm green are just 2 of the gifts I have paid for.) The killer is that I have written 5 times to let someone know that I had switched subscriptions and am getting multiples of 2 boxes and being charged for each one. The web page says someone will be in contact within 3 days. I have heard nothing and I paid 295.00 for nothing! Fix the problem!

  8. Nickole

    HORRIBLE Customer Service! I still can not get an email returned (No Phone Number to be found!) regarding an annual subscription I purchased as a Christmas Gift. My Credit card was billed as quick as lightening but the box is no where to be found and because I never received any purchase confirmation, receipt or account number…or customer service responses I am left to dispute the charge through my Credit Card Company. What a huge inconvenience and disappointment.

  9. Keelee

    Horrible customer service! I would think Ellen would be mortified if she knew that no one is is getting back to be about the mistakes made with my subscription. Their lack of service has taken the fun out of the gift and definitely has me not feeling KIND.

  10. Tami


  11. Tami

    Customer Service is non-existent! Wish I would have never ordered this crap. I will deter others from purchasing this box for sure. There’s no way to even cancel! Disappointing coming from Ellen.

  12. Constance Liakos

    OMG! What a disappointment in customer service! I’ve emailed them many times with no reply that pertains to my query or the problem I emailed about. It appears that no one actually reads the emails. I’ve been charged for a box that was duplicated when I have a PAID for an annual subscription. No help anywhere to be found. No phone number to call. I would like to keep my subscription going but it looks like no one cares about their customers. Really frustrating. The boxes are just ok and only worth what is charged.

  13. Brenda Taylor

    Awful customer service, they charged my credit card incorrectly, and then to top it off, sent my invoice and credit card information with my address to the wrong e-mail. They have no phone number and won’t even answer my e-mails. Don’t have ‘kind’ in their vocabulary. Terrible

  14. Maddy

    I was very happy to see that Ellen had a box, especially to help animals and others. But as a Canadian, with the exchange and custom fees, it adds up to over $130. I don’t think it was worth the price. I love the noise machine, soap and book. Sadly I had to cancel after only one box.

  15. L

    Service is terrible!!! Been trying to cancel my subscription for weeks with no response! Try to log into my account and it said my email address is not found but I keep getting charged!!!

  16. Christopher Parent

    Thank you. This box was a real surprise and the items within were awesome. The only question I really have is about the water box. Are they really recyclable? They are coated with some sort of waterproofing and that usually makes them non recyclable.
    The straws, the candle holder and the cosmetics were a hit with my partner Sue.
    Please keep doing with what you are doing, you make an incredible difference in the world.

  17. Darlene Deschambeault

    My first box, was excited to open it..Loved the bracelet & candle. Not sure it was worth the price of box but will give it another chance…the idea is awesome. Hoping the next box has things that I would use personally..

  18. Melissa Conaway

    Very disappointed with box and canceled my subscription.

  19. Sharon

    This is my first box and it was disappointing! Nothing really useful and seems more like a trinket box of small samples of weird stuff. I don’t know if I will get it again, probably won’t tevommenf to others either

  20. Rich

    Just received the second box and it is terrible. Full of useless crap that ruined my wifes birthday. The only thing that ties this box to Ellen is a pack of playing cards!!
    Cant get a refund, trust I couldnt even give this crap away to anyone.
    Extremely disappointed and have cancelled my subscription!
    I would find out what is in the box before you consider buying.