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BE KIND by Ellen

The BE KIND by ellen box was an created to help people spread kindness. You’ll get a box full of fun, unique, amazing products that I love and want to share with you. I also wanted to focus on brands and products that do social good. And to top it off, a donation will be made to The Ellen Fund by brands that are participating in this box.

99 per quarter

Save 10% with an annual subscription Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.


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  1. Kimberly Middlemist

    Worst CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! Do not subscribe under any circumstances!!! I received a trail box and signed up for a QUARTERLY subscription. I received my first box Saturday 5/14. I was then charged again Tuesday 5/17 without being notified!!! How is this quarterly??? I contacted to cancel and my box hasn’t shipped and I

  2. Theresa Lynch

    Started trying to cancel my box after the spring 2020 box. Quality of the items was terrible. The phone number for customer service was never answered. I left at least 15 messages. The website links they had online to cancel your subscription never worked. Always got the error message that it was a broken link. Tried and tried and tried for months to cancel. No response or callback. Still broken links. Boxes continued to auto ship. Finally in February 2021 got someone and cancelled, I thought the subscription. Wouldn’t refund me. They didn’t care. Three weeks later they charged me again and shipped another box! Worst customer service I’ve ever had! Steer clear!!

  3. Susan Rogers

    I’ve tried to cancel my box so many times, they keep taking money out of my account twice every month, the phone number never goes though and they never return calls or message, they are a big scam and need to be stopped

    • Jayne

      Same here so sad

    • Tina Sweeney

      Barkbox did the same…

  4. Angela Ziske

    Buyer beware!!! There is no customer service. The only way to cancel is to cancel your credit/debit card

  5. Samantha Ferrari

    I wish I could give negative star rating. The last 2 boxes were crap. I tried to cancel the last 2 boxes but the website doesn’t recognize my email address. My next step is to file a complaint with the BBB and contact my credit card to stop any payments

  6. Katrina Busse

    There is ZERO customer service from this company. No matter how many times you reach out no one ever responds to you. If you are double billed you better contact your financial institutions or credit card company because there is no way to even talk to anyone at Be Kind. You pay for an annual subscription and your boxes are put on hold for some unknown reason. Don’t waste your money.
    I would give a zero star if I could.

  7. Shannon Goode

    This company charges me 2 times ($251 both times) within a month (a total of $502) and will not answer the phone, will not answer emails. I am trying to go through my bank to cancel because the website kept changing my cancellation to “subscribe”. It was not possible to even unsubscribe!!!!! Plus they kept charging me large amounts and I had to cancel my debit card and get a new one so they would stop. Terrible!
    What kind of company has no customer service???!!

  8. Judy M Shafron

    I have been attempting to cancel the boxes and have reached out at least 6 times by e mail and by their form. I cant get into their portal as it doesn’t even recognize my e mail yet I receive them daily. This is an unethical business and I am furious. The boxes are ok but after not having an option to cancel and forcing the charge on my credit card which I unsuccessfully disputed, I will NEVER watch Ellen, purchase anything and in fact intent to contact the media to ask for assistance in the matter. DONT BUY THEM!!!!!!

  9. Dezaree Harding

    I received my Summer box and loved it so I signed on for a year. I received a “delivered” email on October 7 for the Fall box but it had not been delivered. I have emailed them over 10 times to try to get the issue resolved and either get a refund or the box but not they have completely stopped responding to me. I’m so disappointed. I have already paid for the full year and can’t even get my money back!

  10. Leslie Wakeman

    This is NOT worth the price and you get No customer service, No answer to emails, they claim they “didnt get request for cancelation in time”, charge you twice , etc. It is a TOTAL RIPOFF!!! I have even reported to my credit card company for false charges and will now be reporting to BBB. Cant believe Ellen is associated with this!!! VERY disgusted!!!

  11. Lisa Muscato

    SHAME ON YOU ELLEN – Has she gotten too big to see all the complaints? I too pre-paid for one year to support Ellen. I received a summer box in New England in October 2020 and it was frankly, a bunch of junk – towel, plastic ice cube tray and a cheap bag, I contacted and tried to get it switched for fall – with no responses. I then cancelled after spending weeks try to but their website would not allow due to upgrades. Finally cancelled and guess what just got a second box this month that I am donating to our local Savers. It is not worth $10 none of my 4 kids or 7 grandkids wanted one item in it. I have emailed their customer support so many times. Ellen – PLEASE STOP THIS SUBSCRIPTION BOX FOR EVERYONE. You are not being kind by wasting all our money. I love you and your show but this is not acceptable.

  12. Suzanne

    I’m having the same issues with customer service…non-existent! Can’t get the subscription cancelled and website doesn’t recognize my email. I’ll have to cancel my credit card to stop future subscription charges. Very shoddy way to do business and not any way to BE KIND! I won’t ever do this again.

  13. Linda

    I agree with everyone. Customer service is nonexistent. They canceled payment for winter box with no explanation. Maybe this is a blessing! Sad sad sad.

  14. Susan

    I’ve been trying to cancel this Be Kind subscription for weeks and they have my card # and keep charging and shipping with no reply from customer service! That’s theft and not KIND! If not corrected this time, I will take action. Do NOT sign up because you cannot unsubscribe! Not worth the hassles.

  15. Judy

    This is a scam. It is impossible to cancel. When contacted customer service to cancel I just received email stating that someone will contact me. It has been months.

  16. Linda Iagnemma

    This does not deserve even 1 star! I have only received 2 boxes and the have renewed my yearly subscription. CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES NOT EXIST! If you find a number it is wrong. I have sent soooo many emails and only get robo-emails back that they are so busy. I AM SOOOOOO disappointed in this and can’t even cancel on the website because they are “updating “ it! Ahhhhh! Horrible!

  17. Gayle

    Would be zero stars if I could rate. Nothing but trouble. Got my winter box on January that includes Xmas wrap! Never received my summer ‘20 box, emailed multiple times got a ship notification in Early September but it only shows a label was created, it never was picked up by the carrier. Emailed twice again, received a different ship notification. Same thing, label created, never picked up/transfered to the carrier. Total frustration, not worth my time chasing this subscription. I am out!!!!!

  18. Doreen

    Buyer beware!!

    There are serious issues with their billing and customer service is nonexistant.

  19. Erica

    The website does not allow for cancellation, and the customer service phone numbers do not go anywhere. 818-977-2699 is the number provided on the invoice and appears to be someone’s personal number. I hear a tone signal, then get transferred to a voicemail that states “the person you want to reach is not currently available”. 855-257-8182 is the number listed on the tracking page for the replacement item they were supposed to send me. (This item has still not been shipped, though it was processed on 8/26 and they decided to bill me again on 9/13 anyway) Upon dialing this number, I receive an error message stating “The number you have dialed is incorrect. Please try again”.
    The website promises a reply to emails within 24 business hours. I have yet to receive a reply from my inquiry 11 days ago.
    Because there is no way to cancel your subscription, they continue to bill fraudulently.

  20. Diane Kelly

    Tried and tried to cancel.. Received an email stating it was cancelled and no charges would be applied. Well, they were applied….for 2 boxes at once. I cannot afford to continue to get these and nobody will respond. Says go to the links on their page to cancel…. there is NOT a link to do so. Zero customer service… you’d think if Ellen is putting her name on this. It’d be run better.

  21. Peg Ryan

    I made several attempts to cancel my subscription and no success. Customer service was no help. The format does not recognize my email address to cancel. What a disappointment.

  22. Teresa

    Can’t seem to cancel the subscription. No link for cancellation-TO MANAGE MY SUBSCRIPTION— is on site currently. Poor customer service and mediocre products at best.

  23. Amber Senior

    Although the idea is nice,be prepared to never receive your boxes on time, and be prepared to never hear anything back from “customer service”. They’re a joke. For instance, it is now July 16th and I have yet to receive the Summer box. According to their website, they’ve been sold out of a while. I have emailed over 5 times to “customer service “, with no reply. The only box that has come on time was the first one of my subscription. It’s not worth the headache.

  24. Tammy

    I signed up for the summer box mid May 2020. It was never sent. I sent numerous inquiries. They were all ignored. After almost 2 months I said I was going to contact my cc company. The Bekind then credited my account. Turns out they had run out of boxes Same time as refund and held the money for almost two months!! Horrible
    way to do business. Zero communication! Only email and that is zero! I had signed up early and gout nothing. They need to practice what they preach! Bekind!

  25. Louise Colasent

    Was charged for box and never received it

  26. Diane Gallagher

    The worst customer service ever! They have my money but I never received my box. I’ve emailed numerous times with no response. I love the box but I canceled my subscription.

  27. Eleanor Russo

    This has been a very difficult process. I ordered box subscription for myself and for four of my friends. The first order they sent all of the boxes to me and I had to mail them out to my friends at my cost. I contacted customer service and told them that when I pull up my account it only shows one subscription so I cannot even change anything. They said they would fix the problem and so the next quarter, two of my friends did not get their box and one of the other friends got two boxes. She just thought that I had sent her two because she told me her daughter loved the first one that I sent her. I was not aware that my friends did not get their boxes because they did not tell me until the third gift box went out and one person got four boxes and I did not get my box. So I called all my friends to see what boxes they had received or not and that is when I found out. Every time I send an email I get a response and then they do nothing else. So I have paid for 5 subscriptions and so far have been shorted 7 boxes.

  28. Natasha

    Awful! DO NOT SUBSCRIBE. One yr subscription bought as a gift for my mom who lives out of state, she loves Ellen and I thought this would be a great gift for her. All three boxes so far have been sent to MY house, not hers. This has been going on since Nov 2019 and it is now almost June 2020. Customer service has responded to me via email repeatedly telling me the shipping address was updated and it would go to the right place. NOPE. Never has once. They did send me one UPS label to send the box to my mom (after I sent emails for a month asking for this) and I had to drive to the dang UPS store during COVID restrictions. I can’t wait to cancel this nightmare. I have submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau requesting they cease offering this subscription box. Please do the same if you are also sucked into this terrible product offering – they should absolutely not be selling these boxes, they can’t do anything right!

  29. Lisa

    The last box was okay. Now, I can’t cancel. I followed the link in an email they sent to me to cancel well before the charge and shipment. I can’t log in, it says my email is not associated with any account.
    They don’t list a phone number to call. The have a “contact us” link, which I have sent multiple messages with no response. I emailed them. No response.
    They charged me for the box. On my bank statement, it listed a phone number. The phone number is not in service. On the invoice that they emailed me, it showed that it was sent from Bekind by Ellen, WAD productions in Burbank. I searched and found a listing for WAD procutions. Called the phone number. It is not in service.
    I have contacted the BBB for starters… and my bank to reverse the charge. At this point I’m going to have to cancel my credit card so they don’t charge anything in the future. What a nightmare. I am truly stunned that something with her name on it could be so shady. I know there is a lot going on in the world right now, but they were certainly able to process the charge to my card and send me multiple emails…

  30. Mike

    Ordered a yearly subscription. I’ve only received two boxes and they are trying to charge me AGAIN the yearly price in less than six months. I tried to contact customer service and no response. The price you pay you’d think we’d get a decent quality product and it’s all crap.

  31. Luz Elena Rivera

    I signed up in Oct 2019 for the annual subscription and it’s April 2020 I’m already being charge a renew annual fee. The 4th box was never sent to me. I was expecting for my renew fee to be charge after the summer box was sent. This has been a terrible experience! The words be kind are Useless when you feel like hell with this customer service!

  32. Cynthia Haywood

    It is easy to sign up for subscription and impossible to cancel. I cannot believe that Ellen (who I used to have mad respect for) has her name on this debacle! I finally gave up and paid for the past three boxes issued (they kept sending notices even though I had canceled by email) and received three of the same boxes in the mail the past two days! Three pairs of sunglasses etc…..No one to talk to. Sending email after email with no response except thank you for subscribing. I want out! wish I had never subscribed!!

  33. Renee Walker

    I guess I am not the only one trying to get a hold of SOMEONE in Customer Service. I received 2 Holiday Boxes, charged for 2. Tried to log in to my account and says my email does not exist, but when I try to create a new account it says email already exist. HOW DO WE GET A HOLD OF SOMEONE???? I do not want to get duplicates again or be charged double.

  34. Eva

    Worst customer service EVER. I have sent 6 emails, first one December 10th… today is January 11th. Furthermore, they sent the box to the wrong address and won’t even return my emailS to fix the problem. Horrible, save your time and money. Have still to this day, never heard back from them.

  35. Rick

    I’ve been trying to reach csr about my second box. Holiday one and can’t even get a response. What a fraud. Looks so good on tv and such a disappointment in real life

  36. Mary Beth Stearns

    I was so excited to get these boxes. All that’s in them is junk. (The 49.00 key, and the bracelet that turned my arm green are just 2 of the gifts I have paid for.) The killer is that I have written 5 times to let someone know that I had switched subscriptions and am getting multiples of 2 boxes and being charged for each one. The web page says someone will be in contact within 3 days. I have heard nothing and I paid 295.00 for nothing! Fix the problem!

  37. Nickole

    HORRIBLE Customer Service! I still can not get an email returned (No Phone Number to be found!) regarding an annual subscription I purchased as a Christmas Gift. My Credit card was billed as quick as lightening but the box is no where to be found and because I never received any purchase confirmation, receipt or account number…or customer service responses I am left to dispute the charge through my Credit Card Company. What a huge inconvenience and disappointment.

  38. Keelee

    Horrible customer service! I would think Ellen would be mortified if she knew that no one is is getting back to be about the mistakes made with my subscription. Their lack of service has taken the fun out of the gift and definitely has me not feeling KIND.

  39. Tami


  40. Tami

    Customer Service is non-existent! Wish I would have never ordered this crap. I will deter others from purchasing this box for sure. There’s no way to even cancel! Disappointing coming from Ellen.

  41. Constance Liakos

    OMG! What a disappointment in customer service! I’ve emailed them many times with no reply that pertains to my query or the problem I emailed about. It appears that no one actually reads the emails. I’ve been charged for a box that was duplicated when I have a PAID for an annual subscription. No help anywhere to be found. No phone number to call. I would like to keep my subscription going but it looks like no one cares about their customers. Really frustrating. The boxes are just ok and only worth what is charged.

  42. Brenda Taylor

    Awful customer service, they charged my credit card incorrectly, and then to top it off, sent my invoice and credit card information with my address to the wrong e-mail. They have no phone number and won’t even answer my e-mails. Don’t have ‘kind’ in their vocabulary. Terrible

  43. Maddy

    I was very happy to see that Ellen had a box, especially to help animals and others. But as a Canadian, with the exchange and custom fees, it adds up to over $130. I don’t think it was worth the price. I love the noise machine, soap and book. Sadly I had to cancel after only one box.

  44. L

    Service is terrible!!! Been trying to cancel my subscription for weeks with no response! Try to log into my account and it said my email address is not found but I keep getting charged!!!

  45. Christopher Parent

    Thank you. This box was a real surprise and the items within were awesome. The only question I really have is about the water box. Are they really recyclable? They are coated with some sort of waterproofing and that usually makes them non recyclable.
    The straws, the candle holder and the cosmetics were a hit with my partner Sue.
    Please keep doing with what you are doing, you make an incredible difference in the world.

  46. Darlene Deschambeault

    My first box, was excited to open it..Loved the bracelet & candle. Not sure it was worth the price of box but will give it another chance…the idea is awesome. Hoping the next box has things that I would use personally..

  47. Melissa Conaway

    Very disappointed with box and canceled my subscription.

  48. Sharon

    This is my first box and it was disappointing! Nothing really useful and seems more like a trinket box of small samples of weird stuff. I don’t know if I will get it again, probably won’t tevommenf to others either

  49. Rich

    Just received the second box and it is terrible. Full of useless crap that ruined my wifes birthday. The only thing that ties this box to Ellen is a pack of playing cards!!
    Cant get a refund, trust I couldnt even give this crap away to anyone.
    Extremely disappointed and have cancelled my subscription!
    I would find out what is in the box before you consider buying.