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BBQ Kings Club scours the world for top rated BBQ sauces, rubs, recipes and more. We then hand pick the best and deliver them to our BBQ and grilling subscribers every month.

As an FYI to our readers, we have marked this box CLOSED due to numerous subscriber complaints. Check out similar boxes here.

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  1. Sam

    Never got my two subscriptions I ordered. Got charged but no product! Emailed, no response. Called contact number disconnected! Horrible, untrustworthy, frauds!!!! Now websites down! Never again

  2. Mike

    I paid for this club for 3 months and then cancelled because I never got any boxes. I reached out via emails, Facebook, twitter, basically, any way I could but still no response. Don’t buy this.

  3. jane monari

    I am not usually one to leave nasty reviews, however my current experience with BBQ Kings Club leaves me little choice.
    Back in August, I ordered a three month BBQ Kings Club Subscription as a gift for my stepfather for his birthday. My stepfather has told me that he was able to claim his subscription online, but that he had not been sent anything yet. He emailed BBQ Kings Club three times, and never heard back from them.
    I am extremely disappointed, as I ordered the subscription on August 28th, and my stepfather claimed his gift on September 17th. I was led to believe by the BBQ King’s Club website that this gift would be a three month subscription, with each box coming every month after the gift was claimed. I have already paid them $116.97, almost six months ago, and have nothing to show for it.
    I’m sure you understand that this is very embarrassing for me, as it was a gift.
    My stepfather now informs me that that the BBQ King’s Club website says that his subscription has now expired, despite having received ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from them.
    I have attempted to contact them many times via their website form, email, and facebook messenger. I even posted on their facebook wall. I have received no reply other than an automated response: “Thanks for reaching out! We’ll be with you in just a moment”. I received this response over three weeks ago. They do not have a telephone number, and are therefore impossible to contact.
    I must say that their customer service is abysmal. I have for six months been sending emails and messages into the cybernetic void, politely asking BBQ King’s Club to either fill the order or refund my money, all to no avail. I have neither heard from them, nor received anything from them and yet they still have my money.


  4. Marc Maldiney

    I have been waiting a couple weeks now for you guys to reply to my email regarding a order from the summer that still hasn’t shown up. Just wondering how long it takes to normally reply?

    • Bernie

      I’ve been waiting 6 months. The first box took 3 months . The second box was broken and trashed and I still have not gotten box 3. Horrible customer service and I would never recommend them!

  5. Wilson D

    Got my first box last week and I love it! the pineapple papaya sauce is the best I’ve had in a very long time. will continue to renew my subscription

  6. Keven E

    Love this box. Received this as a gift but I resubscribed to to keep them coming. Been very happy so far with the stuff inside.

  7. Carson B.

    Like the sauces and rubs. Would like to see more info and recipes. Recommended this to a few friends.

  8. Andy

    Received a 3 month gift subscription from my kids for my birthday and the sauces were great and flavorful. Pretty good value, I plan to extend my subscription when the gift expires. Looking forward to using this at our annual Memorial Day cookout for all of my friends and family!

  9. Don White

    Got this as a gift. Love the products, have really enjoyed what’s included in each box so far. Not sure why other reviewer had so many problems, I had an issue with my address and support was very quick and helpful.

  10. Kris

    This was a very bad experience. First off, it took forever to get my box, when I emailed the company, I was promptly replied to where they explained to me that there was a mix up with shipping my box out and where they gave me a 10$ refund plus was promised a competition cook book(promised in the email) added to my box and ship it right away. So I thought that this might be ok since problems/mistakes happen so I’ll give it a second shot. So after waiting a couple more weeks and hearing nothing, again, about shipment tracking or info or even that my box was shipped, only this time, noone replied to my first couple emails where I simply asked where my box was and if it was shipped or not. So now finally, after signing up at the start of January, as of today(March 15/2016), I finally have my first BBQ Kings Club box. Not impressed, not only did this take forever, but the cookbook I was told i was getting as an ‘extra’ was also NOT in the box. This was a very bad experience and not impressed.

    • BBQ Kings Club

      BBQ Kings Club here.

      Customer was rightly concerned about receiving his shipment, however failed to mention he is Canada, which has higher shipping costs. This customer was not charged the actual shipping costs for his box, and due to this error our fulfillment center did not ship his box. After we became aware of the issue, we issued a full refund of his purchase.

      We’d like to remind all Hello Subscription readers that BBQ Kings Club offers a 100% guarantee for all our members. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we will gladly refund your subscription – no questions asked.

    • Abby

      I have been trying to get in contact with you guys and have yet to receive a reply based on an issue I am having.

    • Bernie

      That is a big lie. I have been getting nothing but a big run around . It took 3 months for my first box. They took weeks to respond to my emails. They blamed it on the shipper. I finally got box # 1. Box # 2 was broken inside everything was trashed. They finally responded and blamed it on the shipper. There was no damage on the shipper box. It has been 2months and I have not received a replacement box or box # 3. They have not honored any guarantee. No competition! Nothing. I have sent 4 email with no reply after they said 2 months ago they would replace box # 2.
      This is a waist of time and money. Please do not subscribe! Where is my 100 % guarantee? It’s been 6 months of excuses.

    • Ashley

      I gave this as a gift to my boyfriend. After receiving no emails or any contact with the company, I went to facebook. I got a response and was told that my box was being shipped the next day. Two weeks went by and never received anything AND I can no longer reach them on facebook or their email. Finally went to my credit card and got my charges refunded, blocked them from trying to charge again, AND reported them as a spam to Facebook. I was really excited for this, it’s too bad it’s a scam