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BattlBox Reviews

Updated October 19, 2023


BattlBox delivers adventure to your doorstep every month. This subscription is for anyone who wants high-quality survival and tactical gear. BattlBox features gear that’s selected by an expert team of outdoor professionals and ready for you to use. From hiking essentials to EDCs, backpacks, survival guides, tactical knives, and more, you get a tremendous value in every shipment.

99 per month

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Subscribing to BattlBox

Do you want to be prepared for whatever life throws at you? Do you love stocking up on the best gear around? Are you ready to hike, camp, fish, and hunt every weekend? Then BattlBox has something for you. This tactical gear subscription will help you survive a disaster, be better prepared for daily challenges, and have more fun outdoors.

Each box has a mission, should you choose to accept it, like “Jungle Survival” or “Repair Anything.” The items included vary each month and are centered around the theme. No spoilers though–you’ll be surprised every time a BattlBox package arrives on your doorstep. Customers love what the company is doing: BattlBox has hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of “Excellent.”

These are expertly curated tactical gear and everyday carry (EDC) items that outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists will be excited about. Every box is designed with the goal of helping you survive and thrive when life takes an unexpected turn or when you’re out in nature. Whether you’re breaking out a fire starter or a handbook on long-range shooting, this subscription means you’ll have a leg up in difficult scenarios.

How BattlBox Works

You start by going to the BattlBox website and choosing from the four packages offered. Here are the four subscriptions BattlBox offers:

  • Basic: This is for those just starting out who want to receive hand-selected survival tools, emergency supplies, manuals, and more.
  • Advanced: A step up for the gear junkie with higher-value items like EDC gear, camp equipment, hiking essentials, and more.
  • Pro: This is for a professional outdoorsman and includes items like bags, flashlights, tents, and sleeping bags.
  • Pro Plus: Go all out with KOTM (knife of the month) featuring the top brand names like Kershaw, Bastion, CRKT, and more. Includes every item from the other three tiers of subscriptions as well.

Once you’ve been billed, then you’ll start receiving boxes each month. The gear you get may be perfect for everyday life or it may be more suited to emergency situations. Note that you must agree to terms and conditions before subscribing, one of which is that the subscriber must be 18 years or older. 

How Much Does BattlBox Cost?

As you might expect, each of the four times costs a different amount. Basic is $34.99 monthly; Advanced is $64.99 monthly; Pro is $119.99 monthly, and Pro Plus is $169.99 monthly. All prices are plus shipping and handling.  

Every box provides a great value. The Basic’s average value is $60 all the way up to the Pro Plus, which offers an average value of $287. If you’re someone who already buys plenty of gear, you could save money by subscribing to BattlBox. You’ll also know that the stuff you’re getting has been selected by the pros–you don’t have to trust sketchy online reviews of products.

If you’re interested in what BattlBox has to offer but you don’t want a subscription, check out the BattlBox store where you can purchase individual items.

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Benefits & Drawbacks of a BattlBox Subscription


  • Videos: People love the high-octane content from BattlBox. This walks you through each mission and provides helpful hints on how to use each item.
  • High-quality products: The bottom line with BattlBox is that you’re getting the premium gear you crave. Whether it’s for outdoor use like hiking and camping or survival, these guys know their stuff. You’ll receive items both from top-notch items from brands you know and love and lesser-known brands that are doing quality work.
  • Practical use: These items have reliable, in-the-field use–they’re not going to sit on shelves collecting dust. For example, one box includes a sleeping bag, a takedown bow to hunt small game, a fire starter, and a Bastion knife. This is much of what you need to spend a night in the woods. The majority of items are dedicated to the “everyday carry” or EDC category, though there are some reserved for special situations. 
  • USA made products: BattlBox is committed to using products that are made in the US, and the company supports our military veterans. The company is also committed to protecting the outdoors and has a number of environmental initiatives.  
  • Themed missions: Every box comes with its own theme, meaning you get to build specific skills and be prepared for any situation. Whether it’s tracking, camping, or zombie apocalypse, the missions provide a sense of unity with every item included.
  • Customer service: BattlBox scores high marks for resolving issues that customers have. If you have any issues with your order, simply contact their customer care team. 
  • Battlbucks: This is the company’s reward program. You earn points every time you place and order and by referring friends and family. 


  • You have to be committed to the outdoors life, survival, or emergency preparedness to get the most out of this subscription. If you just like neat gear but you don’t have the time or energy to devote to this hobby, you won’t find these boxes useful.
  • Some people find that the company is too male-focused, despite the fact that women have a high level of interest in outdoor activities. That said, nothing on BattlBox’s website indicates that this is only for men, and a BattlBox subscription could be a good fit for any adult who’s into the outdoors, survival, and emergency preparedness.

What’s Inside a BattlBox?

Let’s look at a few examples of BattlBox’s past missions:

  • EDC: BattlBox loves to focus on the practical, so a box featuring everyday carries makes sense. You get a wide range of small, practical items that combined can fit into an easy-to-carry pouch. This includes a speedy strike knife sharpener, a classic black light that’s also a multi-tool, an Exotac that’s an update to the classic keyring, a Battltac utility tool, an Olight high-powered LED flashlight, and more.  As you can see, you get a lot of value for your money.  
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Every once in a while, BattlBox likes to have some fun with the missions–and this is a prime example. This one includes a zombie paracord, a zombie survival can energy drink, a zombie outbreak response team PVC morale patch, a Wartech biohazard Paracord wrapped zombie knife, a DIY zombie bracelet, a zombie survival sardine can, a zombie tinder, a Morakniv bushcraft survival carbon steel fixed blade, and more. Though we hope a zombie apocalypse isn’t in our future, many of these items will have daily value as well. 
  • Repair Anything: Nothing beats the satisfaction of fixing something yourself. This mission includes all the tools you need to be your own repair man: clear repair tape, a micro cord dispenser, a field repair kit, a zipper fixer, shoe repair kit, repair wrap that’s 100 times stronger than duct tape, a survival sewing kit, a pocket bushman knife, and more. 

Is BattlBox Worth It?

Each of these boxes offers tremendous return for your dollar, easily outweighing the cost of the subscription. If you love outdoor activities like camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking, BattlBox has plenty to offer you. It’s also a good fit for those into survival and emergency preparedness. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does BattlBox Compare to Mystery Tackle Box?

Mystery Tackle Box is a monthly subscription focused on fishing. You pick among four packages and can customize based on which fish species you prefer. You’ll receive boxes containing fishing tackle, hooks, and more, plus video tutorials on how to improve in fishing.

BattlBox is more focused on general outdoor activities and survival. While you could certainly use some of the gear while fishing, Mystery Tackle Box is the better fit for those passionate about fishing, whereas BattlBox has a broader audience.

How Does BattlBox Compare to Barrel & Blade?

Barrel & Blade has a KOTM (knife of the month) club and includes three different subscription models. These boxes include an assortment of survival and tactical gear. Battlbox starts at a lower rate of $34.99 monthly compared to Barrel & Blade’s $49.99 monthly. 

How Does BattlBox Compare to SCOUTbox?

SCOUTbox is somewhere between a hiking box and an outdoor gear box. You’ll get four to nine items each month with each box centering around learning a specific skill like tying knots. 

SCOUTbox, as you might imagine, is focused on Eagle and other scouts. BattlBox is for anyone over 18 interested and includes the highest-quality gear.

How Do I Skip a Month on my BattlBox Subscription?

Login into your account, then click the Edit/View button. Select the Skip Shipment option. Check the Skip Next Shipment box, then select the Skip Subscription button on the bottom right to complete the process.

How Do I Cancel a BattlBox Subscription?

BattlBox is a monthly subscription and you can cancel anytime.

If you’d like to cancel, log in to your BattlBox account. Click on the Edit/View button. Press the pop-up that appears at the bottom right corner of the screen and select the Cancel Subscription option. Follow the steps to complete your cancellation.

Note that if you choose to cancel, this only applies to future renewals and not pending subscription shipments. 

What’s the BattlBox Store?

Do you love BattlBox’s products but are hesitant about adding another subscription to your monthly expenses? Then check out what the BattlBox store has to offer. With camping equipment, apparel, knives, and much more, BattlBox’s store has you covered. Note that you will find these items for less in the subscription boxes.

What Is Battlbucks?

This is the rewards system available for all subscribers and customers. When you’re a rewards member, you’ll earn exclusive points every time you shop. You also earn Battlbucks by referring a friend. Points must be used within one year. Login to your account to find your Battlbucks and follow instructions on how to redeem them. 

What Are BattlBox’s Shipping Policies?

Currently, BattlBox only ships in the US and Canada. BattlBox uses USPS, UPS, and FedEx for shipping. When you place your first order, expect that the box will ship within 10 business days. You will be billed after the first order on the 15th of the month with boxes arriving between the 4th and the 9th of each month. 

If you didn’t receive a box, you must notify BattlBox within 45 days in order to qualify for a replacement. Contact [email protected] for questions about your order.

Can I Give a BattlBox Subscription as a Gift?

Yes. You can purchase a 6-month or 1-year subscription for any of the four BattlBox tiers. BattlBox also offers gift cards.

Do I Get to Choose My BattlBox Missions?

You do get to choose among three boxes on your first order. After that, everyone receives the same mission with each box. 

What Is BattlBox’s Policy for Refunds and Exchanges?

BattlBox does not offer refunds. You can cancel your membership at any time. 

If you received an item that’s damaged, notify the company within 15 days to qualify for a replacement. You can email [email protected] regarding replacements.

Is BattlBox Right for Me?

If you’re looking for the most epic outdoor gear subscription out there, then BattlBox fits the bill. This is for those who are passionate about the outdoors, survival, and emergency preparedness. Whether you’re fixing your own tent or setting out on the Appalachian Trail, BattlBox has useful, practical equipment to make your journey better.

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