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Bangle Box Reviews

Updated January 25, 2023

Bangle Box

Bangle Box is a monthly jewelry subscription box service created for the trendy and unique jewelry lover in mind. With Bangle Box, you will have unique jewelry shipped directly to your door. The items in their monthly boxes are valued at well over $125 each month. And because of their relationships with their partners, their clients are able to receive these beautiful, exquisite jewelry items for a low price with the 12-month subscription plan.

95 per month

Bangle Box Reviews + Ratings
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  1. Gurpreet

    This is the worst subscription… they took my money and sent me 2 boxes and then stopped sending me my boxes ….they are a scam !!!! do not order from them… I have emailed them various times and they stopped responding …They didn’t even refund my money

  2. gurpreet

    very poor service and customer service. bangle box takes money upfront luring people into having to pay for year or six months in return giving 10 percent off and some free boxes from preivous months. They have not been sending package to many customer from past 8 months now only send free one. when ask for refund they say we have given the free one which are like 50 plus dollor so we will have to subtract that out before we give refund leaving you to choose an option to stick with them so that they might send box. I have been contacting them which is only way is msg through facebook or email but their respond is we are catching up on shipment in weeks. but nothing comes into the mail box. I have paid them 247.99 upfront for the year and now in may another year will start which i canceled but i did not get any box except 4 box which included free box as well. do not subscribe with them. I am trying to put case against them for luring people in deception and cheating their money.

  3. Jas

    Stay as far away as possible. In the beginning, the subscription service was great. Beautiful pieces you could mix and match. As time went by, the pieces became more and more repetitive. And more and more delayed. In one of my earlier shipments, one of the pieces was damaged, but they sent a replacement out right away. In one of my last boxes, the necklace was damaged. They sent me a label to ship the damaged one back, but never bothered to ship a new one out to me! I sent multiple emails to all their different customer service emails, but never heard anything. I even tried complaining to my credit card company, but since I had prepaid an entire year, too much time had elapsed for my credit card company to help me out. Bangle Box has no problem taking all the money from you up front, but they definitely don’t deliver on any of their promises.

  4. Lala

    Worst subscription service experience I ever experienced in my life. I signed up for a 6 month subscription in April last year. Money was deducted from my account right away but to receive the products was a huge pain. Have not received even one shipment without constantly having to spend hours reminding them I haven’t received my monthly box yet. 1 year later, I still have only received 3 months worth of shipments and the rest I have no idea if I will ever receive. They are unresponsive and slow and have many excuses for why they couldn’t deliver their products months after it was supposed to arrive. Waste of money, expensive, and a big headache. Complete scam.

  5. Layla

    SCAM! Stay as far away from them as you can and save your money. They will take your money and not send products for months or will send one out of 6 boxes for a prepaid subscription and good luck getting a response back from their customer service.

  6. Anu

    This service is horrible. I received one shipment out of 3 that I was autobilled for. Company promised a refund and then stopped responding to my messages. Huge waste of money. Would rate it negative stars if I could.

  7. Lala

    This company is a scam, they sell prepaid subscription packages for 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, with good discount on the longer subscription. I purchased a 6 month plan. Never got any shipments on time, had to keep contacting their customer support. Also of the 6 months I have only recived 2 shipments, nothing after that and they don’t even respond to my messages now. They basically scammed me out of 4 months worth of product and won’t even clarify why I am not getting my shipment almost 3 months after it was supposed to be shipped, or any of the ones for the months following either. Please don’t waste your money on this. The products are cheaply made, poor customer service and scam people out of their money without delivering the product you paid for.

  8. Zahida

    I subscribed on May5th and now its may 27th. I still have not received anything. I’ve contacted them via email and no response. Come on guys, I was very excited to purchase the subscription for a bday present for my niece and its already a month?!

  9. Tani Bains

    I joined Bangle box in April and I regret not signing up sooner. Their past boxes are so hard to get, so the subscription is definitely worth having. Otherwise the past boxes may or may not be available and if they are, it’s for a lot more than the $29.95. I live in Canada, and indian jewelry is really expensive down here. Bangle box has made it a lot easier for me to keep up with the Indian jewelry trend at such a low cost. I would have to say that my all time favorite box was the most recent May box. For $29 bucks I got a set of anklets, maang tikka, beautiful earrings, a packet of bindis, nose ring and a GORGEOUS peach color chunni with a beautiful border! This was the ultimate wedding in box. I love it and will continue loving it. I did have an issue with my April box. One of my earrings came broken, but Bangle box sent me a replacement the very next day. The customer service is probably one of the best I have come across in the Indian community. I hope they open a store in Canada!!!

  10. Saria Mann

    I recently stumbled upon Bangle box when I had seen a friend wearing a really nice necklace at one of our Indian receptions recently. Indian jewelry is already so expensive and on top of that it’s so hard to find unless you go to India yourself (which is impossible for some of us) When she told me her necklace was only $29.95, my jaw literally dropped. I immeditally got in touch with the bangle box team and was able to order the February set (same set I had seen my friend wearing) This detail that went into this necklace was well over $100 bucks here. I would imagine for 30 bucks you would get awful quality pieces, but this necklace was by far absolutely gorgeous. I was very pleased with my order and will continue ordering.

  11. Tayrn Uppal

    I got my very first box in August and I have to say I am in LOVE. The round tops earring with the matching tikka and choker necklace tied my entire outfit together. Overall I was very pleased with my first box. The quality is better then most Indian stores, plus the price is cheaper than makeup haha. Thank you Bangle Box for this spectacular box. I will be uploading pics soon!

  12. Sonam Bawa

    I signed up with Bangle Box in March of 2016. I have to say, this is by far the best subscription box ever! The fact that you get such gorgeous jewelry for such a good price is unbeatable. I live in the east coast and we constantly have Indian functions that come up. So having this subscription as been a life saver. I’ve never had a bad experience with Bangle Box. The jewelry is great quality and their service is amazing. I would highly recommend bangle box to anyone and everyone that is looking for a great deal on Indian jewelry.

  13. Raz

    Watch out when you order. One if any items in your box are damaged good luck you may not have a replacement for it for some months. I received a may box with damaged earrings and it’s not July. They sent me a replacement necklace order which was not what I needed. When I contacted customer service they told me the replacement earring would take about 10 days to be made. After 10 days still no follow up so I contacted them. This is when I also complained that it was July and I had not received my June box. This is when they told me they were waiting on the earring. Well tell me what the point of a monthly subscription is then. I then waited and waited and waited with no further follow up. When I messaged them for an update they did not address my frustration or answer my questions but simply sent me a tracking number. I then replied to the tracking number email and asked if they could answer my questions as to weather the earrings were being sent with the box or not. They replied back with check your span or junk mail as we sent the tracking number. That was totally not what I asked though. I still continue to wait for a replay from their rude customer service agent. So much for trusting an a company that I hadn’t really heard of. Watch out with what you order. Might be months in before your get anything.