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Babe Box Reviews

Updated September 23, 2022

Babe Box

Subscribe online for a seasonal box and join the Babe Box band of Babes! Receive a new box with beauty, fashion, entertainment and food goodies every three months – right to your doorsteps. For $20 CAD a season (including shipping) you can try new products before you buy them. Or you could surprise a friend by giving them a Gift Babe Box – which is just as awesome.

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Babe Box Reviews + Ratings
4 ratings

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  1. Rachel

    This is long, I’m sorry.

    I ordered and received my trial box..it was absolutely not worth the money, I wouldn’t buy these items at Dollar General.

    Since the card I used to pay with was expiring at the end of the month, I wasn’t worried about the difficulties everyone cites when canceling.

    When the card could not be charged I received an email stating that my subscription was about to be cancelled due to no payment, I responded back saying that was fine as I was not interested in receiving more boxes. THEN they cited the lie about being obligated to purchase a second box.

    I changed my email on file to my junk email so it wouldn’t flood my inbox with attempts to get my new card information and figured out of site out of mind.

    A week later I logged in to see if they had finally given up and was surprised to find that I had a confirmation email for a purchase (as well as a bunch of “you’re about to be cancelled” emails from them also, promises promises).
    I sent a screen shot of the receipt email in response to one of the cancellation emails (they’re monitored) asking about it and never heard back.

    Now I have a shipment confirmation and tracking number for a box that will be here Saturday when no payment has been made..I’m not sure what they’re expecting at this point, but thanks for the free box of junk, I guess…??

  2. athanasia vagias

    This is the worst subscription ever. Their products look like stuff you get at the Dollar Store and they are more expensive than any other subscription service. Don’t waste your time or money.

  3. Jason Bartlett

    Total scam. Report them to BBB. Do NOT order from this company. You have been warned. They will charge you every month even if you do cancel.

  4. Ashley weina

    Babebox is a complete scam . I’ve contacted them multiple of times to camc my subscription. In all honesty this company sucks . Tried the “free” box and was not impressed was actually highly disappointed . They’re customer service is absolutely horrible . Don’t subscribe to this company

  5. Theresa

    Babe box is a complete scam and they will continue to charge your card even after you request to cancel and revoke authorization for payment. Which is not just in poor taste, but illegal as well. After signing up for my “free” box i was not satisfied with what i got for the price they want. Honestly, its barely a $10 usd box… if that. I got 1 full sized item and the rest are samples. When i told them i did not want another the told me i was required to pay an additional $35 usd for a second box! Which was no where in writing when you sign up ( i looked) i wrote them many times telling them that i NOT want another box and I thought it was in bad taste for them to force customers to purchase an overpriced, unwanted box. Needless to say, the crooks went ahead and charged me again for their box and after many more emails finally sent me confirmation of cancellation. PLEASE BEWARE!!!! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!!

  6. Jamie

    Company built on bad ethics. They advertise a free box, knowing it’ll cost $46 and then blame you for not reading the FAQ’s before purchase. Products were mediocre at best and not worth the advertised value. Customer service was terrible. Too many options to run a company as they are.