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In your analog inbox each month for will come a beautiful work of art with a handwritten message to you!  I have been sending artmail for years and now it has just occurred to me that I should make it a “thing”! So the works will come roughly once a month for a year. Limited to 12 people. It’s a first come first served system.

You will receive one postcard size unique work of art 12 times a year. Most of the work will be paintings on canvas and all have a similar theme for the month.

First Year series was the NYC Water Towers, Daly City, Ca mid century modern House, Clouds, ID Card selfie, and cut up paintings of my early work.

anything goes as it will be up to my imagination.

The 12-20 pieces i make each month will be considered a series so I would encourage folks to share/trade their artmail through a closed group on Facebook. You will be invited to join once your subscription is paid. #AmericanBonesArtMail.

You Got Artmail!

Official souvenir for American Bones. A product that was inspired by and supports American Bones Project. Exploring our nation’s identity between the boardwalks, creating souvenirs that resonate with Americans.

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