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Curated style for today’s Bosslady. Rent new looks and fall in love with your closet again. Receive 4 pieces of high end clothing, delivered straight to your door. Wear, love, then exchange when you’re ready!


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  1. Karlie

    I signed up recently wanting to try something different in terms of clothing rental places. I was completely disappointed with this place. They only care about getting their money and it does not matter to them if you have a positive experience. I would never recommend them to anyone and would suggest people save their money or join other subscription services that offer the same thing but ones that will actually care about customer satisfaction.

  2. R

    Was amateurish and a silly waste of time with my notes that they encouraged being completely ignored. I was being offered corduroy in So Florida lol! Website is clunky. They do not let you cancel. Beware.

  3. Lisa Z

    I am giving this company one star because they have now charged my credit card for the service, two months in a row since I cancelled the service. The first month, okay maybe it was a mistake. But I received a confirmed email that it had been cancelled and low and behold this month they charged it again. There must be something going on at the company that they do not remove people’s charges. If I did not watch my accounts so closely I would never know this was happened. As far as the actual service, I have used Gwynnie Bee, Le Tote, Infinite Style and Rent the Runway. Armoire had some cute things but their website was not user friendly at all. I had to constantly ask them to stick me back into closeting mode, because I could not choose any items. It took forever for the merchandise to be returned and then to get to me so I felt like I did not get my money’s worth.

  4. Jess B

    What it comes down to, I want to look my best each day but I don’t have the patience, skill, or time to make that happen consistently. Armoire takes the stress out of “being put together” and makes it more fun. They curate selections for me so I don’t waste time searching for options – the hard work has already been done for me. On top of that, I used have buyer’s remorse every time I went shopping, now I am free to change, exchange and not worry that I overpaid for something I will never wear. Since starting this, I find my friends noticing me test the boundaries on style with this service (while still having great, polished pieces that I can wear to work, when I go out with friends etc..) So far, I love this service – far more than any of the other clothing subscription services that I have tried.

  5. Emily D

    This is amazing! I was a little hesitant to try this service since I have been burned by other rental clothing subscriptions before, but I’ve been a customer for 4 months now and it’s the best! They carry all the brands I love (Joie, Theory, Milly, Helmut Lang, Parker and so much more) and the personal recommendations are the best. They basically learn your preferences and then select ~15 items to show you that are specific to your preferences and size. So I save a ton of time and stress b/c I don’t have to browse the site forever to find what I am looking for – it’s there waiting for me when I login. I just pick 4 to be sent to me, and get on with my life. And I can exchange whenever I’m ready for new clothes. I’m definitely hooked on Armoire. Love the experience, clothes and all the compliments 🙂