yureka is a book subscription that puts every one of your dollars toward what you care about most: Finding your next favorite book! Each subscription is customized for our subscribers, so no two boxes are the same!

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  1. melissa

    I’ve received one box from Yureka. The shipping/delivery dates were NOT within the guidelines they set on their website and cratejoy etc. The books came well packaged and in good condition. The books subject matter, while not something I would have picked for myself, were very enjoyable and I feel they were curated well based on the answers I provided in my readers profile. My problem with Yureka is COSTUMER SERVICE! I’ve sent 3 e-mails to them (one via the e-mail address listed on their facebook, one via their contact me form on their website, and finally via the contact seller form on Cratejoy) I’ve gotten ZERO responses. They’ve changed in the pricing since I signed up in late June (it will more than DOUBLE) and I had a SIMPLE question regarding this, but again, have gotten no response. If I do not get a response to my question by the time my August box arrives (shipping should have been 8-13th of the month, but as of yet no shipping has occurred) I will be cancelling and leaving reviews everywhere to stay clear of this company.

    • melissa

      Update: Basically as soon as I posted this review, I got an e-mail saying my August box has shipped. So please disregard my commentary about shipping times. That being said, still no word on the answer to my question. Will update again IF I get my question answered or if I end up cancelling.

    • Melissa

      My August box arrived yesterday and I FINALLY got somewhat of a response from Yureka customer support. Although they made NO MENTION of a locked in price at sign up (maybe I misread things when signing up. stranger things have happened), they weren’t much help otherwise. At some point, MAYBE in October, the price of the Casual Reader Subscription (2 paperbacks a month) will be DOUBLING. I was told that this would lead to faster ship times and a bigger overall customer budget to purchase books for readers. Frankly, I can NOT justify paying $17 in September for two paperbacks and then paying $35 in October for the same two paperbacks. My books shipped on the 11th and I got them on the 16th, so shipping time isn’t an issue to me. Debating on getting the September box or cancelling now, but will cancel definitely before October. Will update again if a problem arises with the cancel process.

    • melissa

      New Update: I’ve cancelled this subscription. The process was quick and easy.