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Yumi Reviews

Updated December 16, 2022


Yumi is a service that delivers fresh, organic meals and snacks for babies and toddlers six months and up. Each box has exclusive meals made by Yumi’s expert nutritionists that are tailored to your child’s developmental stage and nutritional needs. This subscription takes all the guesswork out of feeding your baby, giving you real food free of synthetics and additives. Yumi does it all from purees to finger foods and snacks to vitamins, offering whole food with no added junk.


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Subscribing to Yumi

Researchers have found that nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life is the most important factor in development. Nutrients like iron, calcium, and healthy fats have a surprisingly lasting impact on a child’s neural and physical development, as well as their future metabolic health. Yet the conventional baby food industry is pushing foods that are high in sugar and low in nutrition. This leaves parents in a difficult position–either spend hours making food for their babies or giving their children low-quality food.

This is the problem that Yumi aims to solve. Yumi’s team is obsessed with delivering high-quality, organic ingredients sourced from local farmers. Every ingredient Yumi uses fits a specific purpose. Their meals and snacks for babies and toddlers ages six months and up are the results of extensive research conducted by experts. With Yumi, you can rest easy knowing that your child is getting all the nutrients they need–and nothing that they don’t.

The goal is to inspire a lifetime of healthy eating for your child. This comes from Yumi’s core belief that it is the responsibility of all food companies to follow the science and nourish children with real food. Yumi takes its responsibility seriously and is engaged in everything from reducing food waste to ensuring healthy options are accessible for every family.

How Yumi Works

Yumi is available as a weekly or monthly subscription plan. Yumi is available in the contiguous U.S. and does not offer service for Alaska and Hawaii. You receive organic, plant-based baby food created by nutritionists with carefully sourced ingredients. Yumi ships all its baby food in cold packs instead of freezing it for maximum freshness.

Yumi offers a menu based on developmental milestones. The plans are made to fit the critical development stages that occur during a child’s first 1,000 days. For example, stage one and two baby food pouches are made with a single ingredient for babies six months and up. In stage three, multiple types of food are included for babies that are about seven months old blended into two-ingredient purees called Duos.

Then later stage foods–for children at least ten months old–are for when the child moves beyond purees. This includes bites and puffs chocked full of healthy ingredients from chia seeds to spinach, gluten-free oats, sweets potatoes, lentils, and more.

To make sure your baby stays happy and healthy, Yumi connects you with personalized dietician advice. You can send SMS messages to your dietician whenever you have questions about topics like introducing solids, rejecting food, or any other nutrition-related challenges. You also get five free nutritional coaching sessions where you’ll get tips and pointers based on the food included in each shipment.

How Much Does Yumi Cost?

Yumi offers weekly and monthly plans at a cost of $3 to $4.35 per meal. They have a variety of plans. One includes eight meals per week at a cost of $28 per week when you bill monthly. Another plan has 24 meals per week at a cost of $72 for monthly billing. And subscribers qualify for FREE shipping!

Parents find that this is worth it for all-organic baby meals that are designed by nutritionists and are totally free from chemicals, preservatives, and added sugars. These meals can last seven days in the fridge or two months in the freezer, making it easy to use all the meals in a shipment.

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Benefits & Drawbacks of a Yumi Subscription


  • All food, no junk: The clearest advantage of Yumi is knowing that your baby is eating clean with all products made from certified organic, non-GMO ingredients. In fact, Yumi has been recognized as a Clean Label Project Purity Award winner, passing a test that rigorously examines the company’s products for more than 400 different contaminants. You receive nothing but fresh food that your child will love.
  • Designed by experts: Leading pediatricians and nutritionists create the menus for Yumi. You can check the nutritional facts on each jar to find out exactly what nutrients your child is consuming. Your child’s body will use these nutrients to build organs and spur neuron development in the brain.
  • Tailored to your child’s needs: Yumi offers a unique, development-stage-based approach to nutrition. The fact is that an eight-month-old has different needs than a two-year-old. Yumi starts infants out with the simplest foods and grows with them offering finger foods for a baby-led weaning approach.
  • Uses a variety of ingredients: Every parent dreads that point when their child becomes a picky eater. But Yumi helps ease this by providing a ton of variety in their meals. Your child will be exposed to a range of tastes and textures early on. Not only does this help with maintaining a balanced diet, but it can also make your child a more adventurous eater. From classics like pear and apple to dragon fruit, kale, and more, Yumi offers your child a variety of flavors.
  • Convenient and safe: Everything your baby needs will arrive on your doorstep in safe and convenient packaging. Yumi uses jars that are made without the use of BSA and BPA plastic. These are considered safer than glass jars which are liable to chip or crack and could be dangerous for an infant. The packaging has also been modified to ensure that the food stays as fresh as possible without the use of preservatives.
  • Saves time: Are you a committed parent making your own purees for your child? While this is certainly commendable, it’s very time-consuming. Yumi gives you a way to protect your child’s health so that you can spend more time with your growing little one!
  • Taste: Shouldn’t your baby’s food taste good? Many parents who’ve tried Yumi’s foods can testify to the fact that these whole foods are flavorful. This will set your baby up for enjoying nutritious, real food in the future.


  • While it’s usually a hit, not all children love the taste of Yumi’s food. Fortunately, you can try out Yumi’s food first before signing up for a subscription.
  • Yumi offers food for children up to two years old, meaning your child will eventually grow out of the subscription.

Yumi’s Stage-Based Meal Plans

Yumi has different meal plans based on your child’s developmental stage. Here’s more on what to expect for each phase of the program.

  • Stage 1: Also known as Singles, this includes only single-ingredient purees made specifically for babies six months and older. These include foods like purple sweet potato, spinach, pumpkin, peach, and dragon fruit.
  • Stage 2: This stage is Graduated Singles for those six months and older and includes thicker, single-ingredient purees.
  • Stage 3: Duos are two-ingredient blends made for babies seven months and up. Combinations include carrot and mango, adzuki bean and pumpkin, dragon fruit and pear, and zucchini and split pea.
  • Stage 4: Made for infants eight months and up, this stage is also called Mashables. The food has more texture and multiple ingredients with flavor offerings like beet hummus, ratatouille, minestrone soup, coconut cream pie, and spiced pear.
  • Stage 5: These are still Mashables but include additional ingredients and more textures for babies nine months and older. Many grains and seeds are introduced with flavors such as blueberry chia pudding, polenta mushroom bolognese, and peach crumble bowl.
  • Stage 6: Now your child is at the Pinchables stage. Babies 10 months old are able to hold foods using their fingers. Flavors at this stage include root medley combo, carrot sweet pea combo, and succotash combo
  • Stage 7: Bites are for kids 11 months and up. These nutrient-dense foods include beet puffs, lemon macaroon bites, cauliflower puffs, and rosemary focaccia bites. This stage helps your child begin learning how to snack and feed more independently.
  • Snacks: You can also check out Yumi’s whole food snacks like mixed berry fruit leathers and mango fruit leathers.

As you can see, Yumi starts your child off with simple foods and gradually ramps up the complexity. The goal is for your child to get all the nutrition they need while also discovering a range of flavors. Yumi’s approach is to know the signs that your child is ready to try new foods. This way you won’t give them food they can’t handle while nudging them toward good eating practices.

Is Yumi Worth It?

As parents, we’re always concerned about finding the best for our children. That’s why it makes sense to start your baby off with healthy, junk-free food that supports their physical and cognitive growth. Yumi gives your baby or toddler everything they need without any of the hassle of making your own baby food. With their stage-based plans, you’ll know that your child will be getting nutritious food that’s customized to their needs.

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How Does Yumi Compare to Cerebelly?

Both Yumi and Cerebelly offer organic baby foods that are free of additives, gluten, preservatives, and added sugar. Yumi’s foods come in jars that you can reuse, whereas Cerebelly comes in pouches. Yumi also offers finger foods for toddlers, whereas Cerebelly only includes purees. Yumi is slightly more expensive, but many parents prefer Yumi due to its thoughtful approach to infant nutrition.

How Does Yumi Compare to Little Spoon?

Little Spoon is also a service that delivers baby food directly to your front door. Yumi offers a weekly delivery option, while Little Spoon makes deliveries once every two weeks. Little Spoon decides what foods you’ll be receiving, but Yumi allows parents to make choices for their babies. Yumi includes finger foods for toddlers, and Little Spoon only offers purees.

What Are Yumi’s Shipping Policies?

Shipping is free for all subscribers. Yumi is available in the contiguous United States and is not available for Alaska and Hawaii.

How Do I Cancel a Yumi Subscription?

It is easy to cancel your Yumi subscription at any time. You can do so by logging in to your account on their website. You will not need to contact customer support.

Do I Need to Refrigerate Yumi’s Food?

Yes. All of Yumi’s food is fresh and does not contain any preservatives. Consequently, it should be refrigerated.
Yumi utilizes special packaging to ensure that the food stays fresh during shipping. If you refrigerate the food, it’s good for up to seven days. If you freeze the food, it can last for up to two months. Any open container should be consumed within 24 hours.

Is Yumi’s Food Safe?

Yumi’s kitchen has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and won a Clean Label Project Purity award for providing food free of more than 400 contaminants. Yumi prides itself on being a leader in offering safe, nutritious food for infants and toddlers.

Should I Heat Up Yumi’s Food?

You can serve Yumi food either hot or cold, depending on your child’s preferences. You can microwave the food if you like. Transfer the food from the jar to a microwave-safe dish before doing so.

Is Yumi Right for My Baby?

The first 1,000 days of your child’s life are critical for physical and mental development. That’s why Yumi offers nothing but organic, tasty, nutrient-dense foods that will help your baby thrive. You get all the convenience of having food arrive on your doorstep ready to go, no cooking or running to the store needed.

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