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  1. Ant

    I was initially critical of this service but as long as you went into it knowing that you were getting vintage and therefore used items, it was fun. I even got a couple vintage pieces that I needed and my daughter started an lps collection. I was only in for 2 months before they closed down and I definitely miss this service and I hope Trevor brings it back someday.

  2. greatbologna

    Terrible service. Received less than $15 worth of crap items that I doubt anyone would even purchase. Spent $25 to be insulted by the items I received. Some of my items were STICKERS. Not even good ones. Never been so disappointed, insulted, and angry with a service. Contacted the owner, Trevor, and he was quick to reply. That is the only good thing I have to say. He explained how the preferences I picked were so popular he would run out of stock. He continued I received such crappy and cheap items because that’s all he had left. What a great way to conduct business…If you do not care about quality or enjoying whatever service/product you spend money on, you’ll like this box. If you love spending $25 on toys and stickers you could get from ebay or a garage sale for $2, this poorly run service is for you…I highly recommend saving your money or buying an actual box like Lootcrate or related. 0/10.