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  1. Sarah

    It’s a cool box and I love getting them. The company is just starting out and you can tell because they took my April box payment. $84 converted to Canadian dollars, on March 30th and have yet to receive it. Currently May 4th and still waiting for my April Box and my May renewal was taken on April 30th. I totally get that the renewal is on the same day every month but I haven’t even got the last box I paid for over a month ago and I’ve been charged for another one. 🙁

    • Crystal

      Very bad service. Slow boxes, some not being delivered at all and then chasing them up for refunds is nightmare. There are several other comments regarding this issue on facebook.

    • Sharleen


  2. MoonDancer

    I had been one of the very first customers to purchase witchcrate. I got 3 consecutive crates on time montly, when all of a sudden I was not getting them 2 months in a row and still been charged for them. The majority of the customers tried to get their money back and complain to the creator Rika Athena and most of us only got our money back and subscriptions canceled when we went to our card retailers to cancel them. She was so incompetent that crayejoy had to take all of the customers information and prefers away from her and cancel her from the sight all together. They mainly had to do this because not only was she not sending the crates and pocketing her customers money through automatic payments, she was sending out mass emails and several direct emails to customers blaming them and insulting them instead of being an adult and taking full responsibility for her incompetence. NEVER BUY witchcrate!

  3. Da'Cari Hudson

    yeah I would subscribe but…. the price is like way to high. we can get all those things from shopping sites that is less then $49. I have a very large coven and we would like to have something like that but … the price is way to high. I am not trying to make you change the or anything but maybe if you did change the price to about $20 it would be more people