UPWORDS is passionately providing products with a purpose for women of faith. Our mission is to encourage women along their Godly journey with monthly reminders that are based on an inspirational theme! You will be UPlifted and captivated with each UPBOX, filled to the brim with accessories and lifestyle goodies from our fantastic artisans.

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  1. Anna

    Purchased a 3 month subscription for my mom for Mother’s Day. Not one single box was received. I then received an email 4 months later informing me that Upbox didn’t “have a clear path to fulfill any more boxes and is unable to issue refunds”. It’s pretty disgusting that the representative claims to be a christian, but has no issue taking a person’s money knowing that they are not able to fulfill any orders and will refuse to refund monies.

  2. Scammer

    The ‘owner’ is a convicted felon for forgery, her name is actually Ophelia Westlaurtes, NOT Ophelia West.
    This is why she stole your money and did not provide you with the box.

    • Mona York

      I. In the past recieved this box and was very happy. Only reason I stopped was finances. No scam here.

  3. Sarah

    I love the box that I gifted to my Mom for Mother’s day. It was so well put together and you could tell that they put a lot of thought into their packaging and products. Will definitely buy again!

  4. Lark

    My children gave me a subscription for 3 box’s for Mother’s Day last May and to this date only received one. How can a company take money from you and not deliver the goods! Shame on you for calling yourself a Christian company when you basically steal.

    • Upbox scam

      They aren’t really Christians. They are sociopaths

  5. Dillon Mears

    Do not purchase! I bought a 3-month subscription for my mom for her birthday. They sent one box 2 months late. Will not respond to messages and will not refund money. They simply stole my money and my mom’s birthday gift and ghosted. Worst consumer experience in my life. Please report this company.

  6. Ruth Kimmell

    I also got a subscription for this and never got a box. My children gave it to me for Christmas and they never got their money back either. If I knew who to call I would.

  7. Mary

    This company refuses to give refunds after stealing your money. And they have blocked all messages if you try to email them. Highly unprofessional.

  8. Lisa Donlin

    DO NOT GET THIS BOX, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. I paid for 12 months in advance because it seemed like it was a great subscription. I received one box and then they refused to send out any more boxes or give a refund on our money! I am not the only victim, this box is a scam! I have reported them!

  9. Kimberlee

    I bought this and they charged me for 3 months and never delivered. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE