True Serenity Tea

4 unique Premium, Fine Loose Teas every month. You will receive a Serenity Tea Starter Kit for your first order. You will also receive edible goodies to go with your teas and Tea Pillows to help brew.

00 per month

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  1. Kess B

    I purchased a 6 month subscription in June and received my first box. I have only gotten two boxes since then, and have had to email multiple times in order for both of those boxes to be shipped, and have not gotten any explanation why. One box had a label printed out, as I got a tracking number, but the number was never scanned by usps and the box never came. I am incredibly frustrated by the entire process because I should not have to email multiple times in order to get a subscription item I have prepaid for.
    When a small business owner doesn’t fulfill orders, especially orders that have been paid for, it makes consumers lose faith in other small businesses as well. this failure affects the livelihoods of other people! I have such a bad taste in my mouth from this experience that I am unlikely to buy another tea subscription again, even from someone else.