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We started off with a live streaming show opening Funko Mini Blind boxes and showing off our collection of Walking Dead and other action figures in our collection. The box includes- Other Fun Items, An Autographed Picture of Us, Unopened Action Figure From Our Personal Collection, Signed Comic from our Featured Talent and Tee shirt.

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  1. No'Neya Buznes

    This box is NOT worth it! When I received my first and last box, it was filled with nothing but fillers. Who puts Crayons in a box thats supposed to be “horror” themed? Also, everything else that was in the box I could and have gotten for free from other companies. How are you hoing to send a shirt that dont fit? Really? Not to mention, I have seen the owner bash other people in Funko grouos on Facebook multiple times, as a company owner, that’s not good customer service! I think the truth needs to come to surface. Your boxes are worth ZERO dollars. I dont see your company making it big, ever! Proof will be put out there about Joe and his childish behavior soon enough.