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The WOD Box

The WOD Box is a monthly subscription service for the Functional Fitness minded, created by a coach and gym owner. Subscribers will get full and sample products from top brands, all for a minimal cost. Be the first one at your Box to get The WOD Box!

49 per month

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  1. LeiLani

    Do not order the WOD box. They do not respond to customer complaints. I ordered a box at the beginning of November and I still have not received it. I have sent them 4 emails following up and asking for confirmation and none of my emails have been answered. If I could give zero stars I would.

  2. Jodey E Shepherd

    The worst subscription I have ever had. Been trying to cancel for months, many attempts made to contact customer service and no response. The instructions they gave me do not work. I have had to contact the better business bureau and I had to dispute the charges at my bank.


    HORRIBLE! They don’t respond, you can’t cancel, you can’t log in. If you want to stop paying, cancel your CC or they will keep taking your money.

  4. Pam

    last box that came had an expired tube of Tufmed cream. Tried to contact Wodbox twice with no response each time. Box has lots of junk and processed foods and only the occasional good product. Don’t waste your money

  5. Teresa

    I loved the box in the beginning. Then one month I didn’t receive a box, but I was charged. I emailed, FB’d, and called. They never rectified the situation and kept my money.

  6. Erica

    I’ve tried contacting them dozens of times through email, FB messenger and by phone. ZERO response. So now the only way to cancel with them is to cancel my credit card and get another one. Horrible company! They need to be shut down! Nothing but a bunch of thieves!

  7. Melissa Thomas

    I was charged promptly every month but never knew when I would receive my box. In July, I was charged but never received my box. I cancelled my card in August and that’s when they sent a box with 2 items in it! I guess they thought I would give them my new card # if it looked like they sent the box.

  8. David Denby

    Where’s my box?

  9. Bob

    This company starteds seeming to be a great gift idea, but as you will see…they are impossible to get ahold of and will rip you off in the end. BEWARE!

  10. Not Nice

    The items in the box weren’t even near the value of the subscription cost, in my opinion. What is worse, though, is trying to cancel the subscription. I have used their website three times, direct email twice, their Facebook page twice, and their listed phone number multiple times (only got voicemail). I have yet to hear back from anyone.

  11. Lisa

    They’ve taken my money. I’ve received nothing. When I try to login it says I don’t have an account and wants me to sign up again and charge me. They don’t answer emails or fb messages. I’ve sent several. What a rip off.

  12. Melissa Dulaney

    I am warning people that wodbox continues to charge you even if you cancel your account. They never answer phone and Will Not respo d to emails!!

  13. Stewart Williams

    Paid for two months and received nothing. Such a waste.

  14. christina boyd

    do you guys ever answer an email? I have sent 3 emails and a fb message I have heard nothing from you and you have no number for customer service. I ordered my box a month ago and have received nothing from you

    • Abigail Gonzalez

      I’ve been trying to cancel for 6 months. No response to emails no phone to call. But they are quick to take my money. Y’all suck!

    • Bob

      have to cancel your card and my bank is pursueing them for me 🙂

  15. Kerry Tanner`

    I placed an order on 11/29 and have only received an email confirmation stating my order was confirmed and they are getting my order ready to be shipped and that they will notify me when the items have been shipped. I have sent several emails and also a PM on Facebook with no response. I will be contacting the better business bureau and also Facebook admin as well. I will also be calling my credit card company and telling them to what is going on with this company and that I want the

  16. Alison

    I’ve sent three emails and a Facebook message. I have not received a response to any of my forms of communication. A phone number would be great for customer service if you aren’t going to answer emails. This is getting ridiculous.

  17. Lori holst

    How do we get in touch w/ wod box? They won’t return emails

    • Brandy

      I just have their gmail address. Will email you directly!

    • Erica

      They don’t reply to emails. At least they haven’t to any of mine that I’ve sent over the past month

  18. Neva

    I get this box and I have a monthly subscription at $21.49 per month – the lowest monthly price is $18.99 if you purchase a year. I do enjoy what I get in the box but the price listed here is incorrect unless there is some other deal that is not visible on the website. They also don’t respond to email questions, that is an annoyance.

    • Brandy

      We will update. TY!

    • shannon ragsdale

      so, I’m beginning to get nervous seeing so many people having communication issues with wod box. which leads me to believe that customer service is not a priority, even though we are paying you for a product that some (including myself) are not receiving. if I don’t receive my box by the 25th I will be discontinuing my subscription.

      • Brandy

        You might want to let them know your feedback directly. While Hello Subscription is a great site to share information about boxes with fellow subscribers/potential subscribers, we do not run this subscription, nor any other subscription except our email newsletters!

    • Bob

      THe WOD Box is stealing! This is obviously illegal and I have reported them to the authorities and have my bank tracking them down for a refund. I had to close the card I applied the purchase from to stop them. THey are likely out of business by now.