The Rotten Fruit Box

The Rotten Fruit Box is a subscription box that delivers healthy, tasty and delicious freeze dried fruit snacks while it helps small farmers and reducing food waste.  The fruits are 100% natural and with a long shelf life being the ideal snacks for home, work, office, to take to school, camping or just about anywhere. You can either pick your favourite fruits choosing the Custom “Build Your Own” Box or you can be surprised by The Rotten Fruit Box selection by choosing with a Seasonal Fruit Box.

99 per month

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  1. Diane Speaker

    I just got my box in the mail today. I will very much enjoy putting them in my smooth juice drink each day. Appreciate the nutrients and vitamins in the. Love them. But, I do have one negative that I hope you will change. You put the Use By Date on the top of the bag which is cut off and thrown away. Not a good idea. I need to know all the time what that date is. Yes, I could print it on the bag, but it would be nice to have it printed on there by those making the product. I hope you can change it. Thank you so much.