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Each box includes 5 – 7 fitness related items that we select especially for YOU! After you sign up, you’ll be asked to complete a short HIIT BoxCustomer Profile. One of our Curation Specialists will review your information and then scour the globe to find apparel, accessories, nutritional products, and top-quality fitness tech that we can send you every month. Introducing you to new products you will love and helping keep you motivated on your fitness journey with a monthly boost of awesome.

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  1. Andrea C

    For those of us who they still owe money too contact the CA Attorney General. They cant do anything for individuals but with enough complaints they may eventually take action.

  2. Unhappy Customer

    Scam! Have been trying to reach them for months. Have not received anything after the 5th month even though I got notices that a box had shipped and they continued to charge my credit. They do not answer tickets and have disabled comments on Instagram. Finally had to have my credit card company block them.

  3. Pauline K

    SCAM CITY! These crooks will take your money and will NOT deliver! I paid for a 6 month subscription and got a total of TWO boxes!! I sent several inquiries and never got a single reply!

    • Angela

      Same. $306 subscription. 1 box received. No return calls. No refund. No more boxes. My account says “processing” and no updates. I think they folded and didn’t honor their subscriptions! So angry. ):

    • Stephanie White

      Same here!!! And it was the same 2 boxes!

  4. shelbi

    I never received one of my boxes in june and I’ve been trying to contact them for a couple months now and haven’t heard back.

  5. Andrea C

    My first box was awesome. I am now 4 boxes in and I have received 3 duplicate items. Last month they gave me a very cheap see though pajama set and tried to tell me it was an $89 casual workout set. For July I got 2 duplicate items (leggings and a resistance band) and 2 snack bars. One being a Luna.
    They take forever to get back to you, because I emailed them when I thought my June box was missing items, that was the cheap pajamas and 2 bars. And it took them 2 days to respond. I did cancel so I am still going to get 2 more boxes, just not looking forward to them.
    Dont waste your money.
    They also delete negative comments on their Facebook. Which should have been a red flag

  6. Anna

    Stay away from this place. There’s no customer service. I asked to cancel my box repeatedly and got charged for 3 whole months after I asked. I FINALLY found on the website where to cancel, after no one ever responded to me. I’m furious. The stuff isn’t even that good. Find another subscription!

  7. Kristin Crocfer

    Please save your money! Customer service is extremely poor, boxes come late, if at all, the clothes are the wrong size, and the list goes on. Sadly nothing is right =( My last box had 3 items in it when the website says each box contains 5-7 items. This one had two protein bars and wrong sized clothing (again). I wanted to like this so much and am sooo disappointed.

  8. Samantha

    I subscribed to this box in March 2021. While my first box, April 2021, was alright I have had issues since. I received shipping info for my May box on 5/23/21 and as of 6/22 have not received it. I have since attempted to contact customer service 2 times with no response. My June box should be shipping any day, so I’m curious if I will receive it.

    The box I did receive was a bit of a bust. The pants I received are cute, but I was underwhelmed by the bluetooth headphones and the jump rope I received. I will be cancelling my subscription.

    • Renee

      I’ve been waiting months to hear from anyone .. I canceled cause I was getting damage clothes with no help and they am still try billing me for boxes I’m not even getting

  9. Pauline K

    BIG SCAM! My box is over 3 WEEKS late (happens often), and customer service is nonexistant! And what’s worse? They don’t do refunds! They like to use COVID as an excuse for their lateness, despite the fact that most states are now opened and other deliveries are on time!

  10. Amanda A.

    My box never arrived (this is the second time). I have tried to reach out to HIIT Box, opened 2 tickets and have NEVER heard back. In 4 months, I have received 2 boxes and customer service is not existent from what I can tell. I am super frustrated. At this point, there is no way I will be renewing my subscription.

  11. Christine A

    Kinda surprised by the other two reviews so I thought I would post my experience. I have been a subscriber for over 9 months now and really like the boxes.
    Clothing – most months I love the clothing. I did get one pattern that i was not a fan of, but overall the product quality and sizing had been almost spot on. I had to exchange one set of leggings
    from my second box, took about 2 weeks to get the replacement.
    I have never had any issues with the support. I have contacted them a couple of times and they responded with the info I need fairly quickly.
    Openfit – the main reason I chose this box over some of the other ones was because you get access to Openfit. I love the classes and especially with the gyms closed this has been a lifesaver.

    overall I really like this box, top 5 of mine. Great products each month, keeps me motivated to exercise and gives me something new to wear

  12. Stefanie

    Scam!!! Boxes are not worth the monthly price when adding up retail prices. Latest box had 1 cheap top, 2 sample bars, and a sample energy drink mix….that’s it! So mad I wasted money on this. DO NOT spend your money on this subscription.

  13. Katherine

    SCAM! Do NOT buy from HIITBox. Most, if not all, of my boxes have been missing items or weeks late on shipping. Customer service is NON EXISTENT. I send a ticket every day and get NO RESPONSE BACK. They have deleted every negative post from rightly upset customers, and they have blocked me from their social media accounts because I can not reach them any other way.
    I cannot express how disappointed I am, they were so promising the first two months of my subscription. I used to be so excited. But none of the boxes were as big as advertised, nor did the boxes contain the quality or amount of products advertised. One box came with just a shirt, pants (the wrong size!) and a small drink!
    Several times I reached out to customer service to adjust my size and preference and never got a response back so all my other boxes were shipped out incorrectly, causing me to have to return items. Most of which I have not been given back! I tried for weeks to reach out kindly, wait appropriately for a response, and be patient. However this is a huge scam, please don’t waste your money.
    Truly dreadful company, and absolutely abysmal service.