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Glass Gang partners with Glass makers all over the world to bring you new brands and styles every month. Learn more about your Glass style and discover new brands you’ll fall in love with.

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  1. Grayden

    Awful awful company. Worst customer service ever!!! Sent 2 emails about receiving my piece broken in the mail and they ignored both my emails and 3 weeks later still no response. Spent $120 for a broken piece that the company will do nothing to fix or even bother answering. What a joke

  2. Dom

    Best monthly box hands down. I haven’t been disappointed with any of the boxes I have received. Only company offering great products for a reasonable price. The reviews on here are insane. Weed Box is a bunch of dollar store quality items. Glass Gang provides great artistic products for a reasonable price for serious smokers. I have not been able to find another subscription box that can even compete with this company right now.

  3. Herbit420

    These previous reviews seem to be from Weed Box shills, the Weed Box is not even in the same level as The Glass Gang. The Weed Box is all cheap crap you can buy at the gas station. Not worth $25 so to compare them to a hand blown American Glass Artist is an obvious fake review. The Glass Gang is hands down the best Subscription box for the money. I have purchased 8 boxes and will continue to do so! Check out my video reviews on

  4. Bruce

    Definitely not worth the purchase, get a box through weed box 10x better quality and styles. Abvertise premium heady glass but I’ve never heard of any of these glass blowers they try and pawn off on you. Poor company in my opinion

  5. Natasha

    I’ve ordered 3 boxes from them so far 2 Pandora’s box and an OG Box. The Pandora’s box is better value because you get more stuff for your money. The pieces are decent quality for what you’re paying for but all in all is good subscription.

  6. Ash

    They claim to be a higher quality than they are. The customer service they offer is a joke. I could have gotten the same amount of help with less cursing by just not doing anything at all.

  7. Claudio

    This company is great, I received a box with glass from 3 different artists. I could not be happier you definitely pay for what you get

  8. Chris Golden

    Paid 110 dollars for a bong a small tray a bag and a stem,topper, case… For the same price Weed box or Daily high club and I would have gotten twice as much stuff… very unhappy.. and when I made a comment I was told good luck buddy….this is a rude company. And not worth the money.