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The Bow Box

Whats included in “The Bow Box”? 5-6 Gorgeous bows on clips or bands your choice! Super affordable and always in style. We can customize the box for twins or sisters! We send Holiday bows on Holiday months,and birthday bows!

99 per month

5 ratings

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    I just got my 1st bow box and was so disappointed… the Mommy version of the Mommy and me headband had a spot on it and the sequin one had missing sequins. They all looked cheaper than anything I have gotten off of amazon for half the price. If this is what they are like (and I am assuming they are since this was my 1st so you would think this one would be awesome to make me want the subscription) then I will probably be cancelling…

  2. Stephanie R Lillard

    The bows are very plain, and homemade looking. Cancelling my subscription.

  3. Jailyn

    Terrible customer service. Takes 5 or more days for them to respond. Wouldn’t recommend

  4. Marlene Weller

    I have had this subscription for almost a year for my great granddaughter But having a hard time getting a response to change the address Would appreciate some help

  5. Carly

    Awesome, stylish and pretty bows

  6. Carol

    I really wouldn’t know what the bows look like. I ordered them for my granddaughter who lives in another state. She loves them. However, when I ordered them I stated they were a gift but they didn’t even tell her who they were from. I am never told or shown what she is receiving which I believe I should be by the company. That is why I am rating this as poor. There is no where on the site that I could find to notify someone of my complaints. Also I started this when she was pregnant and would like to add the birthday once the baby is born but there is no way that I can see to do that either.

  7. Bre

    Awful, poor quality and cheaply made. The bands are clearly tops of cheap tights/nylon tops and roll on themselves which would not be comfortable for anyone. Two are made with the nude ugly color of panty hose tops which isn’t cute for anyone to wear besides on legs as intended. I could make the bows for less than 10$ with fabric and dollar store stockings and headbands, definitely not worth the money and I was charged for two boxes before I even received my first which were supposed to be newborn size and are way to big to the point my daughter wouldn’t be able to wear them until she way older they fit my head. Definitely give it a skip mommy’s.