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The Bow Box Reviews

Updated November 26, 2023

The Bow Box

Whats included in “The Bow Box”? 5-6 Gorgeous bows on clips or bands your choice! Super affordable and always in style. We can customize the box for twins or sisters! We send Holiday bows on Holiday months,and birthday bows!

99 per month

The Bow Box Reviews + Ratings
23 ratings

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  1. Sylvia Medina

    My granddaughter has not received any shipments for several months now. Attempts to contact company have failed. Attempts to cancel subscription are failing as well. 100% Fraudulent!!!!

  2. Melissa Hostetler

    They used to be great! Now they won’t reply to emails etc. they’re charging, but haven’t seen ANYTHING since March 2022. It’s sad. The bows WERE really nice.

  3. Catherine Baldelomar


  4. Lyndie Rogers

    I got 2 boxes & they have just been taking my money ever since! I haven’t received a box since November & it’s June!!!WTH

  5. Stacy


    1. Start good for 2 months
    2. Then shipments started getting delayed
    3. Then the special bows advertised weren’t in the box.
    4. Then tried to contact customer service sooooooooooooo many times and through different avenues- no responses.
    5. Then stopped getting shipments in all together.
    6. A giant pain in the ass ro cancel the subscription.
    7. Still haven’t gotten refunded and have paid for 4 boxes that I have nothing to show for.

    100% Frauds!!!! Horrible!! Don’t subscribe!!

  6. KMJ

    Pretty sure they went out of business but are still taking people’s money. I had to have PayPal refund me for December, April and May because they never shipped and won’t respond. Then got a email today that “your payment did not go through. You’re at risk of losing your subscription” for June! The first 6 boxes I got were great but then they just fell off and kept charging

  7. Tina Sunderland

    I have been signed up since march and they took my money 2 x The first time it shows that a box was delivered in San Jose that’s not the delivery address i know no one in san Jose .. so I have received NOT one box and nobody responded to my emails so as of today since I have no response I will cancel my subscription !

  8. Rebecca Plantz

    Been a subscriber for over two years, and now have only received one box since November. Never get any responses from them at all. Facebook page promised all would be caught up in January, not the case. Finally cancelled my subscription. All social media comments have been deleted and no on can comment. Sounds like I am not the only one who got ripped off as they have apparently went out of business. Sad they have ripped so many off.

  9. Caroline

    These bows were so great. Different styles, I especially loved the big flowers, and the fun fabrics got compliments all the time. I have been subscribed for nearly 3 years. However, like everyone else here, I stopped receiving their boxes but they kept receiving my money. The last box I had no issue with was sent in November. I did not receive a box in December or January. I received the valentine’s box on February 10th, barely in time (I believe that was the January box). I tried canceling with their email process a few times but nothing came of it, then I realized there’s a small button on the bottom right that says “continue to cancel” and the email cancel@moccsandbows or whatever it is is just a stall tactic to get more money out of us. I’ve sent them many emails and have never heard back anything. They used to respond to concerns! I managed to find their facebook page and only then was updated that they had supply problems, etc. There was no email sent to their subscribers explaining their problems. The weird thing is, it’ll say like 36 comments but then you can only view 4 of them, so I assume they’re getting a lot of hate but are trying to hide it. One of their messages even said something about how the haters would be reported or ignored, like they were acting like they shouldn’t be receiving any kind of negative feedback and we are the ones in the wrong. I don’t understand why they are advertising for new subscribers! I personally don’t think they are trying to screw everyone over. I think they got in way over their heads and are drowning now, which is why they need to put a halt on new subscriptions, refund the missing boxes, and start the business over with a lot more employees.

  10. Kimberlynn

    It seems everyone else is having my same issue. I signed up in October and have been charged the monthly subscription every month and received a box in November and one in February. I emailed asking for updates on my missing boxes or requesting a refund and have not received a response. Definitely not happy.



  12. Heidie

    I have been trying to contact Moccs and Bows (a bow box subscription seller) since November to Present, because they:
    (1) sent the Nov. box (paid on 10/30/21) with bows that didn’t fit a baby’s head (wrist size with no stretch) AND weeks late;
    (2) are not sending the paid special bows that they are frantically advertising all over the Internet;
    (3) did not send the bow box for December (paid on 11/30/2021) nor January (paid on 12/29/2021);
    (4) have not sent tracking numbers for the last two paid orders, like on previous boxes.
    (5) are still charging ($21.99 monthly) for their subscriptions; besides that they aren’t complying on sending what we signed up and paid for;
    (6) aren’t updating their subscribers as to what is happening with their company and the shipping status of our paid items;
    (7) are not offering refund for missing items.

    (8) The company does not answer emails, messages in their website “Contact us” area, social medias, nor PayPal claims (resolution center messages). As a subscriber, I have not received an explanation as of why I am not receiving what I paid for, yet. But, they do have time to hide, filter, and/or delete the boxes status questions, customer “complains”, or messages that can have a “negative result” to their business from every single social media (FB, IG, TikTok, etc.).

    I found totally fishy and inappropriate that they are promoting next month’s subscriptions with excitement when they can’t even keep/catch up with the last 2-3 months of missing boxes, emails, and now worse: many upset subscribers.

    I was trying to contact them before canceling the subscription and asking for refunds, but since there’s no response nor update from their part, I proceeded to escalate my claims with PayPal. I, along with many other subscribers, don’t even know if this “company” is still on business (although, they are still collecting money from us). It has been really frustrating to wait since November for a response/update with no luck!

    I canceled my subscription, deactivated PayPal’s payment authorization, asked for refunds, and reported this “company” to the Federal Trade Commision, Crate Joy, PayPal, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

    If you are thinking on subscribing, please, keep yourself out of doing business with Moccs and Bows! No more people should get scammed by them.

  13. lobby.sixties.0u

    Contact your credit card companies, bank and/or PayPal.

  14. Leann

    I’m having the same problem everyone else is. I haven’t received my boxes and have been charged for them. Maybe we should all just cancel our subscription.

  15. Jennifer

    I see other are having problems as well. The last box I received was in Nov 2021 and the box was shipped 3 weeks late. I was charged for December and January and have yet to receive those boxes. The general consensus seems to be not a single person has received the last 2 months of boxes and a lot of people still haven’t had November’s shipped out. They have already charged me for February’s box even tho they are 2-3 months behind on shipping. I’ve contacted them through email like 8 times and haven’t gotten a response. Anytime I asked for an update on their Facebook page they delete my comment and proceeded to block me from commenting on their page after warning others as to what was happening , and have done the same to other negative comments customers have been leaving. They have time to filter comments on Facebook but not update their customers and that seems very suspicious. I don’t even know if they are in business anymore since the only post on the Facebook since early November was on January 3rd saying they would be caught up and shipped out the second week of the month. We are 2 weeks almost past their window they set and not a single update. I just want a refund at this point but I have to contact the merchant and they won’t respond.

    It seems like they are doing new subscription deals for BOGO which makes no sense to me. Why are you doing new a sub bonus when people haven’t gotten a box in 2-3 months.

    Subscribe at your own risk!!!

  16. Crissy

    Forgot to leave a rating!

  17. Crissy

    This company has turned into one of the worst I’ve ever dealt with. They have taken my money and can’t give me my products after I’ve asked NUMEROUS times for an update! They ignore messages, and emails. You can’t call them as they don’t have a listed phone number. I wouldn’t recommend anyone getting involved if they can’t be legitimate business people and either deliver what consumers pay for, or at the very least updates. Don’t ghost people. That’s not good business!

  18. Jessica Moore

    Just like all of these other comments my money has been taken out and I haven’t received a bow box. I’ve also sent three emails and have heard nothing back. Horrible customer service.

  19. jordyn castro

    Paid for 3 months of subscriptions & didn’t receive any of the boxes, meanwhile they continue to take money out of my account. Contacted customer service via multiple emails & on every social media platform & never received replies. when i would comment of the posts about my bad experience they would delete them & block me. This is happened with A LOT of customers. They filter bad comments to his wha to a SCAM they are.

  20. Kelley

    I loved this box until they stopped coming. I paid for a box in October, November and December and only received one of those boxes. They don’t respond to emails you send via their website and they have no customer service chat or phone number available. Leaving customers wondering where their items are and with no way to get their money back. I filed a PayPal claim, I’m hoping I’ll see my $21.99×2 back. DO NOT DO IT!

  21. Virginia Supronowicz

    To be honest I was excited at first about receiving this box I signed up in November and a few weeks after (around the beginning of December) I received my December box, which I was happy that it came and what not. The bows were okay, some were cute, while others were not made well and crooked and the headband part is fairly big too, so not all of them fit my 7 month old. But regardless I thought I’d stay subscribed and see what kind of bows come in the January box. So here’s where the problem occurs, it’s now January 17th, 2022 and I was first charged originally for my first box on November 1st, 2021 which is when I first subscribed. Then I was charged a second time on November 30th, 2021 another $21.99 so I assumed this was for the next box, after that I got charged a third time of $21.99 on December 31st, 2021, however I didn’t even receive my second box yet nor have I received this shipping info or anything’s but yet they’re charging me a third time when I’ve only received one box in total, which really made me confused! So I decided to email customer service right after I received that third charge and it’s been almost 3 weeks now and I still haven’t gotten a reply so I’m assuming they just stole my money and won’t ever reply to me or refund me, so at this point I’m pretty confident that I’m going to unsubscribe because I don’t want these scammers to steal more money from my card without me getting anything in return!! The only reason I didn’t unsubscribe yet was because I was waiting on getting the two boxes they charged me for, but I don’t even know if I’m going to get them and I feel like if I unsubscribe I won’t get the boxes I paid for and the worst part is there’s no one you can even ask or get answers from at this company because they ignore you and don’t respond! They’re customer service is absolutely horrible!! And I see that a lot of people who wrote reviews about the bow box have said the same thing! I’m just totally upset and frustrated and annoyed and disappointed with this company! Has anything like this happened to anyone else?!

  22. Kylie

    Many people haven’t received their sub box since October. Many customers have commented on their business page that they haven’t received November’s box and nobody as received December’s. The company told me almost a month ago my tracking would update for December’s box soon and my sub for January just renewed and still no tracking or box. They haven’t responded to customers since October of 2021 and have now started to delete comments on the Facebook page asking for an update. They are also not responding to emails. They didn’t make a single post on their business page from November 4th2021 until January 3rd 2022, to which they said everything would be caught up and shipped by the second week of January which so far has not been the case for anyone.

    I think they went out of business and are still collecting the sub fees.

  23. Marissa

    Subscribed over a month ago, charged, and never received anything. No communication from the company. They updated Facebook to say they were having issues, but have passed their own given deadline to get orders out. Now they still won’t respond to emails and keep deleting negative comments on social media from customers like me going through the same thing. I disputed to charge with PayPal and was able to at least get a refund. It’s baffling that they are having all these issues and are “so busy” getting orders out, yet they keep offering new BOGO deals for the next month.

  24. Laurie

    They havent posted since Nov 14th so at this point i just think they are scamming people. I remember i posted you can buy the minnie ears on etsy and was banned from commenting on their facebook. Seems real mature for a company. Loved the bows but honestly thinking about canceling. Whats the point i never get the bows on time ever. This company just went down the drain at this point.

  25. Sarah

    I definitely regret getting this bow subscription. This is my second month and received my tracking number at the end of the month. For my first bow box. Still haven’t received anything for my December box. Also the company does not answer back about your order. The bows are ugly and huge. I signed up for newborn and they fit my 2 year old.

    • Tiffany Turner

      I really wish I would have read more reviews before ever getting this box. I too have not received my December box and also have asked for about exchanging other headbands that do not fit. Terrible company.

  26. Kris

    Very disappointed. When I asked to return the cheaply made gaudy bows, I was ignored. This is no way to run a business. I would think good reviews is what they’d want, not pissing people off to leave bad reviews. Poorly made, gaudy and incorrect sizing

  27. Misty

    Have had multiple payments taken and not received the corresponding boxes. Also, did not get the promised items with first two boxes. Contact to company is by message , no phone number. This company is not run very well or maintained.

  28. Kimberly Wallace

    I was promised a replacement flamingo headband as it fell apart immediately and was promised the minnie mouse headband we never received. It’s been over a month and still have not received. Very upset considering and canceling. There other headband were beautiful I must say.

  29. Lisa Buehrle

    Odered my box on March 3 and still haven’t received it?

  30. Linda Fellows

    Can NOT log in to my account to cancel. For the last year my granddaughter has received her box monthly but now I wish to stop deliveries! HELP!!! YOUR SITE WILL NOT LET ME LOG IN!

  31. Tammy Hamel

    Still have not received my bows for nov.This keeps happening

  32. Bre

    Awful, poor quality and cheaply made. The bands are clearly tops of cheap tights/nylon tops and roll on themselves which would not be comfortable for anyone. Two are made with the nude ugly color of panty hose tops which isn’t cute for anyone to wear besides on legs as intended. I could make the bows for less than 10$ with fabric and dollar store stockings and headbands, definitely not worth the money and I was charged for two boxes before I even received my first which were supposed to be newborn size and are way to big to the point my daughter wouldn’t be able to wear them until she way older they fit my head. Definitely give it a skip mommy’s.

    • Karen hartsburg

      I completely agree with your post. I had the EXACT same thing happen. My granddaughter is a newborn and the bows i received was not only very poor quality and not the bows promised, but was also the size for a 2yr old. I truly regret ordering this.

  33. Carol

    I really wouldn’t know what the bows look like. I ordered them for my granddaughter who lives in another state. She loves them. However, when I ordered them I stated they were a gift but they didn’t even tell her who they were from. I am never told or shown what she is receiving which I believe I should be by the company. That is why I am rating this as poor. There is no where on the site that I could find to notify someone of my complaints. Also I started this when she was pregnant and would like to add the birthday once the baby is born but there is no way that I can see to do that either.

  34. Carly

    Awesome, stylish and pretty bows

  35. Marlene Weller

    I have had this subscription for almost a year for my great granddaughter But having a hard time getting a response to change the address Would appreciate some help

  36. Jailyn

    Terrible customer service. Takes 5 or more days for them to respond. Wouldn’t recommend

  37. Stephanie R Lillard

    The bows are very plain, and homemade looking. Cancelling my subscription.


    I just got my 1st bow box and was so disappointed… the Mommy version of the Mommy and me headband had a spot on it and the sequin one had missing sequins. They all looked cheaper than anything I have gotten off of amazon for half the price. If this is what they are like (and I am assuming they are since this was my 1st so you would think this one would be awesome to make me want the subscription) then I will probably be cancelling…