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Come enjoy our loose leaf subscription tea service. Every month we hand select 4 organic blends to deliver to your door. Our selection three plan selections, 2 Ounces per month, 4 Ounces per month, and 8 Ounces per month. In each package we deliver one herbal blend, one classic blend, and one fruity blend, along with one surprise blend!

95 per month

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  1. Teavery Isajoke

    I bough a six month subscription for my wife. Everything was okay for the first three months (they messed up two of the months orders but whatever) then all of a sudden, no more boxes came. By the time we realized it, they were already two months behind. Went to call, no phone number. Email? Got a return message saying this email is no longer in use. After doing some research, turns out the women sold her business and the new owner just said “screw it” to all the existing customers…” bold move, Cotton!”. The original owner is just as much at fault in my eyes for selling her business to whoever, and not looking for a person who gives a shit. May they both rot in hell.