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Tagless Style takes the work out of buying good quality, second hand men’s clothes. Fewer than 1% of the clothes we sort through are selected by Tagless Style. If a brand is sold in a mall or department store, there’s a pretty good chance we have it in our inventory. And you can’t beat our prices. Tagless is the only upcycled clothing subscription box catered specifically for men. They select the highest quality upcycled clothes and ship them directly to your door, both affordable and convenient!

99 per month


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  1. Jacen Tennant

    In January I signed up for this box thinking that it would finally take the stress out of shopping for clothes. However, a month and a half passed and there was no word and no shipping information about my first package. I hunted down a phone number (which apparently is no longer on the website) and got into contact with a gentleman named Jim. He explained that there was an issue with PayPal clients. I found that odd since I didn’t sign up through PayPal and that the money for the first round of the subscription had already been taken from my account.

    I then emailed the company with the email provided on the website. It took two weeks for them to respond. I have now been emailing back and forth since February with no results shown for it. I have demanded my money back and they haven’t even acknowledged that demand. I ask why there are so many issues and they assure me that they are ‘working on it’. I still have no received my shipment and it mid-April.

    I still have no answers and no explanation and no money back.

    Do NOT subscribe to this box.