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Updated December 27, 2022


Sunday Smart Lawn Plan is an annual subscription that uses cutting edge technology and non-harmful ingredients to keep your lawn green all season long. Based on your specific lawn size and soil needs, you receive pouches of custom nutrients through the year. You receive a soil test kit in your first box and shipping is free!

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Subscribing to The Sunday Smart Lawn Plan

Subscribing to The Sunday Smart Lawn Plan is easy. Simply hop on over to Sunday and hit the Get Started button. You are taken to a short survey about your lawn, starting with your address. Sunday will do a soil analysis from your address and use satellite imagery to determine the size of your yard. You then get a personal recommendation for 3 subscription lawn care plans. Choose your plan, enter your billing and shipping information and you’re all set!

How The Sunday Smart Lawn Plan Works

The Sunday Smart Lawn Plan starts with a custom soil analysis of your property. Enter your home address to start your lawn analysis. Using satellite imagery, your property will show up with the estimated size of your lawn. You can choose Sounds About Right or Something’s Not Right. From there you enter your email address to save your progress and create an account.

From there you get a free detailed analysis of your yard. This includes climate, soil pH, and regional soil profile with percentages of sand, clay, and silt. Custom charts are created with temperature, rainfall, and growth potential. You also get a predicted soil analysis that will be updated once you get the soil analysis kit in your first box. 

Next, click on See Your Custom Lawn Plan and you are taken to some questions about the specifics of your lawn. Questions include if you fertilize your lawn, how you would rate the current condition and what’s important to you. Then there are more questions about how old your lawn is, who uses your lawn, and a rating about your lawn care knowledge.

Finally, pick your plan out of 3 plan options by adding it to your cart. Before you check out, you are given recommendations for add-ons to your plan which are one-time purchases. You can choose to pay as you grow with a charge for your first box and subsequent charges for future shipments or pay in full. Once you pay, your first shipment will be on its way in 3-5 business days and will include a free soil analysis kit and any starter tools you may need. 

Sunday Smart Lawn Plan Pricing and Options

There are 3 options with the Sunday Smart Lawn Plans: The Basic Care Plan, the Keep & Protect Plan, and the Grow & Renew Plan. Pricing depends on the size of your yard. Here is an example of pricing for a 5,200 square foot yard. Basic Care Plan is $209 annually, Keep & Protect is $241 for the full season, and Grow & Renew is $293 annually. Again, the price is dependent on your square footage and nutrient needs, as well as the time of the year that you join the program.

Examples of What Comes in Sunday Smart Lawn Plan Boxes:

The Basic Care Plan

  • 8 nutrient pouches 
  • 1 soil test
  •  Starter Tools Kit

The Keep & Protect Plan

  • 8 nutrient pouches
  • Weed concentrate and 1-gallon reusable sprayer
  • 1 soil test
  • Starter Tools Kit 

The Grow & Renew Plan

  • 8 nutrient pouches
  • Weed concentrate and 1-gallon reusable sprayer
  • 2 bags of grass seed
  • 1 soil test
  • Starter Tools Kit 

Sunday Smart Lawn Plan Benefits and Drawbacks

The Benefits

  • You get a free custom soil analysis
  • Your lawn care plan is personalized based on the size of your yard and regional needs
  • Shipping is free
  • Each box comes with user-friendly instructions 

The Drawbacks

  • Not ideal for super large lawns over 13,500 square feet
  • You’ve got to do the actual lawn work yourself- sorry we can’t help you with this one!

Is Sunday Smart Lawn Plan Worth It?

On average the typical homeowner spends anywhere from $100 to $500 a year on their lawn. Many people choose to hire an outside company for monthly lawn maintenance, which can get really expensive (and that doesn’t include mowing). For do-it-yourself homeowners, finding just the right products your lawn needs is often a guessing game with many trips to the store and lots of money! You may over or underestimate the size of your yard and think you need one thing when you really need another.

The Sunday Smart Lawn Program takes all of the guesswork out of the equation. Using cutting-edge science including satellite images and regional soil and climate analysis, the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan knows precisely what your lawn needs and how much. And with the Sunday guarantee, they are committed to getting you just what your lawn needs and can help you troubleshoot any issues.

So is the Sunday Smart Lawn Program worth it? When you look at the time and gas you’ll spend going to the traditional brick-and-mortar lawn care store, as well as minimizing the stress of choosing the right products for your specific lawn, you betcha!

Sunday Smart Lawn Plan Tips

In addition to the Smart Lawn Plan, Sunday sells a wide variety of lawn care, garden, and pest control products, as well as live plants and trees. Based on your address, Sunday can recommend what will thrive in your area based on hardiness, growing season, average rainfall, and soil composition.

Sunday also publishes a blog called The Shed with hundreds of articles about everything home, garden, and pet related. With topics from everything from How to Detach a Lawn to Ticks and Brown Dog Ticks, you’re going to want to use this resource!

You can say goodbye to harmful fertilizer and pest control products when you join the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan. Sunday products contain a mix of macronutrient fertilizers like urea nitrogen and potassium, as well as organic amendments such as seaweed and soy protein. None of the products contain toxic herbicides and pesticides. With natural ingredients that break down quickly, pets and children are safe to plan on the lawn once the nutrient pouch dries.

How The Sunday Smart Lawn Plan Subscription Compares to Other Lawn Solution Subscription Boxes

Sunday Smart Lawn Plan versus Lawn Serv

Lawn Serv is another subscription lawn service company that curates lawn and garden products from other suppliers and ships them straight to your door. Lawn Serv is similar to Sunday Smart Lawn in that you send an actual soil sample from your yard to them for analysis the first month. Based on the results, Lawn Serv sends you customized products each month. 

Lawn Serv offers plans for both synthetic and natural products. Their Traditional plan is $29 a month and includes mostly granular and synthetic products with some natural liquid items. You can choose Mostly Natural or All Natural subscriptions for $39 a month. 

When you compare the price and what you get in your box, Sunday Smart Lawn Plan and Lawn Serv are similar in price if you go for Lawn Serv’s Traditional Plan and Sunday’s Basic Plan. The main difference is that with Sunday’s Smart Lawn Plan, your products are going to be quality controlled in-house with natural ingredients, and with Lawn Serv, you may get commercial products full of toxins and pesticides that are bad for the environment.

So which is the better subscription plan? If you choose to go with one of Lawn Serv’s Natural subscription plans, you’ll be paying more for the season overall, but get more products per month. For a lower price for the entire season, you’ll get just the right amount of products you need for your lawn with the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a subscription to the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan cost?

Sunday Smart Lawn offers 3 plan options: The Basic Care Plan, the Keep & Protect Plan, and the Grow & Renew Plan. Price is dependent on the size of your yard and your specific nutrient needs. Generally, a Basic Care Plan will run a little over $200 for a 5,000-square-foot yard. The Keep & Protect Plan is about $140 and the Grow & Renew Plan is less than $300 a year.

What is the sign-up process for a subscription to the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan? 

To sign up for the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan head on over to Sunday and hit the Get Started button. Enter your address and answer a few questions about your specific lawn and needs and Sunday can come up with personalized recommendations to care for your lawn all season long. Once you choose your plan and enter your information, your first box with a free soil analysis kit will be on its way to you in 3-5 days.

Does The Sunday Smart Lawn Plan offer exchanges or returns?

Since Sunday Smart Lawn Subscription Plans are customized to your specific lawn care needs, they can not offer refunds or returns. Store credit may be issued for any products that are not doing what they should be doing and of course any bad or damaged product will be replaced free of charge.

Does the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan have any referral programs?

Yes. The Sunday Smart Lawn Program has a referral plan where you can earn store credits for anyone you refer who purchases a Smart Lawn Program. 

Does the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan have any gift card options?

Unfortunately, no, not at this time. Stay tuned though for future gifting options.

How does the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan give back to the community?

Sunday as a company is a part of the 1% for the Planet organization. A portion of every sale is donated to causes that help preserve ecosystems, conserve resources and connect humans to nature.

Are there any harmful chemicals in the products that come in the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan?

The ingredients in the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan products are a mixture of macronutrients and organic amendments. Substances like urea nitrogen, seaweed, molasses, potassium, iron, and soy protein. There are no toxic herbicides and pesticides in any of the products. 

Is my lawn safe for my kids and my pets after applying products from the Sunday Smart Lawn Program?

It is recommended to wait until the treatments are dry before having kids and pets play on the lawn. Most ingredients are all natural so once they break down, it is safe to let everyone roam around the yard.

How will I know how to use the products that come in my Sunday Smart Lawn box?

Each Sunday Smart Lawn Plan box comes with easy, step-by-step instructions for their products including when to do what. And if you have any questions, you can always reach out to one of their lawn care experts. They are more than happy to help.

What types of payment does the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan accept?

The Sunday Smart Lawn Plan accepts credit/debit cards including VISA, MasterCard, and Amex.

How do I cancel my subscription to the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan?

You can cancel your Sunday Smart Lawn Program at any time. Be sure to cancel before a box ships so that the cost of the box and any further shipments can be refunded. Simply go to your account and hit manage subscriptions and choose cancel subscription.

What if I have applied the products from my Sunday Smart Lawn Plan and my grass is still not thriving?

Sunday is committed to making sure you and your lawn are completely satisfied with the results of their products. Their team of lawn experts is there to help you troubleshoot any issues and replace what is not working.

How much does shipping for the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan cost?

Shipping to the United States is free. 

What if I have a problem with my Sunday Smart Lawn Plan order?

Simply email customer service at [email protected] or call (415) 903-6932. 

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