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States Crate is your answer to thrift store clothing staples delivered to your door once a month. These crates will include at least 4 staple second hand wardrobe pieces. Keep everything you receive, there are no additional costs. The average American throws away about 65 pounds of clothing per year, help give these clothing pieces a new life!

99 per month

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  1. jillian

    the best subscription box out there! love the fact that they’re second hand pieces. nicole and joe are killing it as always!

  2. Mikey

    Yuck! Dirty, Dusty & Pet Hair
    by Diana written 8 days ago
    Wow, what a rip off!! I got junk–My crate included a dirty dusty old t-shirt, worn out sweats (with stains, pet hair and the size sent was 3 sizes too small), a top commonly sold at swap meets and a worn out blouse. I would be embarrassed to take money from a customer and ship something that should have been trashed. Nicole needs to focus on quality and company integrity. Shame on you States Crates for misrepresenting your product/service and false advertising.

  3. Lisa

    Not impressed. Clothes are no name, one with gross pilling under the arms. The pants are really faded. I’ll just go to a thrift store myself and pick out better stuff. I will not buy here again.

  4. Marcia Layton Turner

    O.M.G. I LOVE my crate! I’ve been a Stitch Fix subscriber for the last year with meh results, so I recently canceled. Just got my first States Crate and love all 4 pieces. I’ve been begging for a long sweater from Stitch Fix, which I never got. Got one in my States Crate! Also got a gorgeous Eileen Fisher long-sleeved top, cute striped tunic top, and pretty knit top. Quality is great and such a steal!

  5. Lisa

    Really, I would not wear a single one of these items I got. The top looks like a maternity shirt. The leggings are old and so short. The sweater is faded and not one of the colors I picked. I will never do this subscription again.

  6. kristi

    I signed up for a 3 month subscription using a promo code for $15 per month. At that price I wanted to give it a try since I’d been following Nicole on Instagram for a while now, plus I’d been seeing other people receiving amazing crates.

    I received my first crate today and was highly disappointed. It was shipped in a plain poly bag with no branding, which was then shoved into a Priority Flat Rate Envelope. Four pieces of clothing, in that Priority envelope – it was literally busting at the seams.

    When I opened it I had four items, and I don’t like any of them. None of them are the style that I asked for, and only one was an item that I stated I wanted to receive in the style survey. I listed June Ambrose, Tracee Ellis Ross and Solange as style inspiration, stated that I loved bright funky colors and prints, and needed dresses and long sleeved shirts.

    I received two cardigans, one long sleeved shirt and one tshirt. The tshirt is LOFT and is gray with magenta polka dots. I might keep it because I don’t hate it, but it’s December and kind of cold where I live, and I really don’t need tshirts.

    One cardigan is plain red and is a no-name brand. The other is a Karen Scott black and white damask print cardigan (which is years out of style, no one wears damask print anymore), and it has so much pilling that it should have never been included to begin with. I know this stuff is thrifted, but have some respect.

    Lastly, I received a navy blue & white striped Boden shirt that is about 3/4 sleeves. I guess that could technically be considered long sleeves. The only issue is that it’s clearly been laundered improperly and has shrunk down to about a size or so.

    All in all, I might keep the tshirt. The raggedy Karen Scott cardigan will go in the trash, and the other two items I’ll donate to a thrift store.

    I want to give Nicole a chance to get this right and I’m hoping my next two boxes will be a little better. Since she’s taken the crates off of CrateJoy I can no longer go back and update my style survey to be even MORE specific than I already was… in the end I’ll only be out about $50 total for all 3 boxes which isn’t too bad. Still I wish I would have received something more aligned with what I asked for on the first go round.

  7. Ginny B

    first of all I am wondering why anyone would pay $49 for one of these crates when she is selling them for $15 and now says is raising the price to $30 on another site?
    I got in on a promotion and paid the lesser amount. This is my second time trying the crates after Nicole said she has placed more concerns on getting things right before shipping them out. I didn’t review the first time when I hated everything because I thought to give her the benefit of the doubt and give her a chance to re-group. When I opened up my package today it seriously smelled like someone had just farted. It was disgusting and I’m sure she is still not laundering these clothes even though she says she does. But even so can’t she at least tell when something smells so bad that she should not ship it out ?
    Two of the tops I got today looked kind of 80’s style and were faded/worn and are something I would never wear. I’m not hating on the 80’s but even the 80’s had some crappy clothing that should have never been worn.
    I also got a thin stretched out Loft cardigan that would be a maybe “keeper” for layering except it had a run in the back and a huge hole.
    And lastly one pair of leggings that should have never been recycled-the fabric is so thin and balled up in the crotch area that I am seriously thinking I just got punked with the crap that I received today.
    Consider me pissed Consider me someone who will never buy anything from Nicole State ever again. Total crap ball bunch of crap crap crappity crap.