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Get monthly romantic surprises to your door. The Spice Box contains a collection of romantic gifts and an assortment of Intimate Items, Massage Oils, Sexy Lingerie, and Fragrances.

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  1. Mila

    Cheap products and worse customer service ! Ordered 1 box to check it out and cancelled subscription right away .., but the Spicy Subscription keeps on charging my card and shipping the box to wrong address … exchanged emails with Vera and Jamie who promised to cancel shipments but no luck !

  2. airlessbarium

    I am so eager to leave a review for this monthly subscription and this is my first time writing a review, believe it or not. 🙂 I’ve been in marriage for 5 years, I’m 29 years old and I love experimenting with my partner a.k.a husband. We’ve been subscribed for almost a year now and it has been an amazing, life changing experience. My life seems to be easier now that I know when I get home I can get what I want and crave for. Toys are just amazing, using them it fulfills me with this positive, wild energy and afterwards I feel like newborn. I’m not sure if the girl with the negative review is telling the true, but I am. This is my first time to write anything like this, since this subscription literally saved my life and my marriage which I’m grateful for.

  3. Kristina S.

    I decided to try out this box because they were running a promo of when you sign up (whether it be a monthly, 4 month, or yearly subscription) you get your first box for 14.95….pretty cheap eh? well thats how they treat you. They advertise that you are supposed to get 1-2 toys, 2-4 trial sized products and 3 full size products. What I received was 1 toy, 1 1oz feminine spray and 1 6oz bottle of massage oil. Im assuming thats because I used a promo code so I didn’t get a deal at all. Also not to mention it took 2 months to just get my box. They of course charged me right away for it but it didn’t come until two months later. I continued to try to contact customer service about my issues and they were very vague and unfriendly with my questions and just kept putting off answering my question of when my box would even be shipped. They only send the good boxes that they advertise to people that review them and blog about them. They only way to get their attention is to threaten to goto the BBB on them. Even so if you check reviews and the BBB website they have over 30+ complaints about them and their customer service. I wish I would have checked this before dealing with this company. They also don’t mention that is there an out of country charge in addition to what you pay monthly. I don’t know where this charge comes from even because they advertise that they are within the states? They have multiple prices listed over their website for the same subscriptions. For a monthly its stated in one place its 49.95 and in another its 34.95….this company has bad business written all over it and I highly suggest you save your money stay away! BEWARE they steal your money!!