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We’ve got awesome socks. You have a mailbox. It’s like eHarmony for your feet. Sock of the month club subscription.

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  1. Kenneth Broda

    Stay away!
    I joined at the end of April signed up for a monthly subscription. Socks are/were supposed to be sent out on the first Monday of every month. May comes around, I wait until the second Monday to come around before notifying them I have not received my socks (waiting 7 days per website FAQ). Socks were then sent, received them mid month and were mediocre. I remained signed up. June 1st comes along, I receive an Email saying I successfully renewed my membership. I wait a week. No socks. I leave town hoping they will be in my mailbox when I get back. No socks. I send another E-mail. Now I am told socks are being sent out at the end of the month. July 1st comes around. No socks.
    I signed up on April 22, have been billed 3 times, have received one pair of socks, that are just mehhhh. Not cool and fun, as advertised. There are other better sock clubs out there.

  2. barbara davis

    I ordered a 6-month subscription as a gift 3 years ago. They continued to send socks and billed me for an additional 2 years. Even after I changed my credit card number, they found the new one. For 2 years the recipient returned every shipment to the post office. About a year ago I stopped hearing from them and thought I was finished with this sleazy company but just now received notice that “my subscription has renewed.” The nightmare continues in spite of them neither getting paid nor having their shipments returned.