Secret of the Month Box

Secret Of The Month (SOM box) offers a truly unique and pampering “Korean-style” experience for women on their “secret-day of the month.” Korean sanitary pads have been well known for their high quality and distinctive features that just helps to make that “secret-day of the month” a more comfortable and enjoyable one.

“Secret Of The Month” provides a choice between the three best Korean sanitary pad brands – herbal, organic cotton and a silky baby powder scented Korean sanitary pad, which is then offered in 6 different sets to cater for different flows.

And to make the day a little more exciting, every month, hand-picked “secret” gifts from Korea along a complimentary sanitary pad pouch and a heat patch is all delivered together in the beautiful SOM Box to take care of any woman’s “secret-day of the month” secretly.

00 per month

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  1. Ellie

    Honestly this is my favorite period box. There pads are so comfortable you forget you’re even wearing one and made from cotton(no chemicals), you get a free heating pad that works really blasted well, and you get snacks and gifts. I’m usually a tampon person but this box has definitely changed my perspective a bit.