Salty Bath

An exquisite at-home spa experience and a mindful retreat that arrives all in one box! Custom-made, small batch, and all-natural ingredients – no harsh chemicals EVER! Dead Sea Salts combined with Epsom Salts and Essential Oils, a Mandala Mantra Card to center your thoughts, Healing Crystals, Reiki-charged Soy Candles, and specially-curated surprises to elevate your bath from blah to aaahhhh!

95 per month

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  1. Amber

    I have received 2 boxes so far and I am hooked. Not only are the contents of the box so carefully put together to include everything you could possibly want or need for a truly indulgent and relaxing bathing experience but a lot of the things can be used outside of the bath as well. One of my favorites is the a stress reducing eucalyptus essential oil blend that I dab onto my neck at night before going to bed and I swear I sleep so much better, Love the healing crystals also -A