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Rising Wild is a new adventure & fitness app + subscription box program that gets kids outside & moving! The adventure & fitness programming is a perfect way to inspire family fitness in the home and is an effective virtual P.E. resource for K-8 distance learners and homeschoolers. Rising Wild involves an app (iOS & Android), adventure & fitness cards and seasonal packages mailed to subscribers, and storytelling that is designed to motivate and inspire kids to get outside, seek adventure, and move their bodies more. The Rising Wild outdoor heroes - with names such as Sage, Sunshine, Grit & Dawn - lead the adventure & fitness Challenges and Events for which kids earn points for chances to win cool prizes. The app is easy-to-use and versatile, giving kids (and their families) a way to get fit at home, outside, and on-the-go. Plus, the adventure & fitness cards allow for screen-free fitness to those who want to get their kids outside an off their screens. The Rising Wild app has both guest and full-access subscriber versions, plus digital-only and full subscription types ranging in price from $5.99-$12.49 a month.
99 per month

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