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The Pro Wrestling Tees Membership Club includes up to 4 EXCLUSIVE Pro Wrestling shirts for the die hard Pro Wrestling fan!

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  1. Jason

    I am a monthly subscriber to their “Pro Wrestling Crate” service and have been since February 2021. When monthly crates are shipped, they always send a tracking number and shipping notification. I never received either for the May 2021 crate, nor did I receive the crate itself. I emailed back and forth several times with Michael, and was given the run-around each time. I was initially asked to wait ten days to see if it came, and it did not. Then I was told I was going to be sent a replacement and given a tracking number, which ended up being the June 2021 crate and not a replacement for the item was charged for and never sent. This was intentionally misleading and falsifying on the part of PWC/One Hour Tees. I emailed again and did not receive a response. I then emailed everyone at One Hour Tees and their subsidiaries, and immediately received a response from Michael stating they would send a replacement, along with a FedEx tracking number. It has now been two weeks and I have not received anything, and they are no longer responding to emails. This has been hands down the absolute worst customer service experience I have ever encountered. As a small business owner in the same area as they serve (wrestling), it is an embarrassment to the community as a whole, and something those who do business with them should – and will – be made aware of.