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The Polyethnic Fandom Book Box


At THE POLYETHNIC, our goal is to search for one of a kind novels written by authors all over the world and to publish books that makes us laugh like there is no tomorrow, smile when they meet their first love, and cry as we lose our favorite character to the most hateful villain in the story. The Polyethnic has a purpose in this world. We want to inspire young writers that you are never too young to become a published author, and by just following your dreams, you can create something amazing that can help change the world. The box focuses on a fandom every month from a book, movie, TV show, and much more. It comes with 8-12 items surrounding the fandom and that is related to the highly anticipated novel published by The Polyethnic Publishing. It also includes chocolate, posters, bookmarks, candles, and a lot more cool stuff. With every box sold, we will donate a portion to the animal shelter for them to find better homes.

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