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Nootrobox researches, develops, and manufactures nootropics with state of the art manufacturing techniques and 100% FDA generally regarded as safe (GRAS) components. We’re driving some of latest research with top academic collaborators in the world to better and understand human cognition and biohacking. Our goal is to make nootropics for everyone. A smarter society is a better society, so let’s build and live in that future together.


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  1. Janice Bliske

    My account has been charged two charges of $44.10 for a total of $88.20 on 11/21/16. I only ordered a one time Rise bottle earlier in November which I ordered and paid for out of my account and arrived as ordered. I never SUBSCRIBED to anything. It was a one time only experiment to see if I liked RISE and if it worked. Now TWO more unauthorized bottles have been charged out of my account on the same day. I did not subscribe or set up further purchases. Please reimburse my account the two charges of $44.10 each for a total of $88.20. I’ll choose to reorder on my own time any further Nootrobox products. I’m unhappy and dissatisfied with your company’s customer relations. Guess what? I’m poor and your unauthorized charges caused me to be $.46 away from two $36 overdraft charges! Not nice…and I actually like Rise and was DECIDING if I would reorder. Please charge back $88.20 [DELETED PERSONAL INFORMATION, WE AREN’T NOOTROBOX]

    • Tom

      We have edited your comment to remove your personal home address information that you posted publicly on the internet. We aren’t nootrobox, just a site about subscription boxes. We strongly suggest contacting them directly.