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Discover quality underwear & grooming products chosen especially for gay men, by gay men, delivered to you every month.

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  1. Ivan Viaud Figueiredo

    Saw an ad on Instagram and bought it, immediately started checking them out online and everything, I got excited about the concept and decided to subscribe. My first box arrived today, and I have to say I’m disappointed not a huge fan of what I got, I feel a bit fooled. Love the concept though and I’m about to subscribe to another similar service.

  2. Stuart Block

    Stay away !!
    Don’t be fooled by this companies marketing boxes. Partner ordered a box and it’s full of rubbish stuff. Rubbish bland underwear and products you’d never use. Who wants tooth paste ?!

    Email to company just gets an “it’s your fault” reply stating you picked the wrong selection. They also state an underwear law prevents returns. However I challenge them to highlight this law because it doesn’t exist ! Finally website site says nothing about this and that returns are accepted.

    When challenged the owner Jamo claims you are blackmailing him by requesting you legal rights. Shocking company.

    In short doesn’t live up to expectations and an awful customer focus and one you have now lost.

    The owner claims they offered things is response however this is not the case. We merely wanted to return unopened items and it was refused.

    Finally owner quotes outdated law which no longer exists as an excuse not to return monies.

  3. Will Williams

    I love this box. It makes me smile =)