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New Hobby Box

New Bobby Box is a subscription box for men and women, 18 years and older, that sends you a new hobby every month. The hobbies are meant to expose you to new things and teach you lesser known skills.

99 per month

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  1. Debra Lusk Johnson

    Wouldn’t know because I won’t order it until I can get to a link that tells more about the box.

    • Brandy

      link has been updated! sorry about that!

    • C

      Do not waste your time with this one. The boxes come with very cheap supplies at an exorbitant rate. $37 per box for something I could buy at a craft store for $10. They do not include instructions so you have to go online and learn about how to use the kit – inconvenient.

      Not to mention, I NEVER received an email from them announcing the upcoming month’s box. Meaning, last month I got their fishing hobby box. I am a vegetarian who does not believe in hurting animals. But okay, that’s fine, just email them asking if you can return it for a credit for the next box, right? WRONG. They refused to give me a refund or credit and said that “perhaps this subscription is not for you.”

      Then, when I canceled my subscription in July, they proceeded to sent me August’s hobby box anyway. When I emailed to tell them I already canceled the subscription, they claimed I was falsifying information and they could pass me on for fraudulent activity but I was simply “not worth the energy.”

      I have NEVER been treated so poorly by a customer service department for requesting something that, quite frankly, was very reasonable and sound. Think twice before giving them your credit card at all because you’ll just keep getting charged with no respect to you as a human being.

  2. B

    Have to add another ringing voice to the reviews of NHB found on other websites. I ordered the box as a gift for a friend, was not aware it would auto-renew after three months (as a gift? Strange.) Contacted customer service explaining the mix-up asking for a partial refund for the two unsent boxes. I heard nothing for three weeks, was told I would be contacted after posting on their Facebook. Didn’t hear anything, and tried to follow up again. That’s when they messaged me that I was threatening them, and they blocked me. Easily the worst customer service I have ever received, and I’ve had Comcast. AVOID.