My Japan Box

For nostalgic and aficionados of the rising sun, this monthly package offers a selection of products of your liking from many different themes from candy to cooking to a variety of specific Anime franchises!

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  1. Chloe DiTusa

    Dear to whom it concerns,
    I am very unimpressed. I received my box two days ago. However guess what! there was no box! As a birthday gift I gave my friend a card board box, however it was a plain card board box used to send the items. that was supposed to be colorful and have “Myjapanbox’ on front as advertised. That was not very impressive. Secondly the figurine we got HAD DIRT ON IT! Are you kidding me? I had a horrible time with customer service and thought the gift will turn out great, however it was dirty and not as advertised. Why would I want to buy from you again? you advertise I could email you if I make a mistake and want my present expressed. I did, and then you didn’t get back to me till the day before the present would be shipped! Something needs to change. I will not be buying from this website again. Advertised it looks amazing. Reality it’s not. Maybe if i had gotten as advertised and not as dirty I could deal with it being late. But no. I spent 95 dollars for a mess. For something that was supposed to be incredibly expensive I got dirt all over. this was a rip off. Maybe you could explain why this happened to me? However every time I ask there is always an excuse as to why it didn’t happen. Why so many excuses? Why can’t you do as advertised?

  2. Linda

    I ordered a lucky box as on the “german version” (which is actually written in English…) of the website it says we can win a trip to Japan, but this is not true. I realised it when checking the “real” english version of the website. I then contacted them to get a refund but they replied since it had been sent it was too late and then wouldn’t refund it.
    Now apart from the prize, the box is supposed to be “filled to the brim” but it was half empty, for $99 you get only a few kitkats and teas and snacks, which actual price is probably 25$ or so…

  3. Eva

    I loved it and my son too !
    I got the candy and Pokemon box with official goods from the Pokemon Center, good value and well packed.
    The candy box was 30$ and not 49$ as written here.
    Price range from 25$ to 99$.
    Might try the mega box for my friend birthday !

  4. Graham Lancashire

    very annoying @myjapanboxcom. My order was for Food Box – 3 months, paid in advance. However I only was sent one. No reaction from Support, it’s been over two months now.

  5. Manon

    I had to wait almost 2 months, and they didn’t answered me when I was asking for informations. When finally I received the boxes, I was so disappointed. No explanations, nothing else, just the items threw in a box, all mixed up. And everything was small, like samples… Definitely not worth the price !

    I tried Tokyotreat instead, and it’s so much better! Nice box, an explicative flyer, and really good items and goodies.

  6. Penny & Mark

    What a great pleasure it is every month to receive such a box of delights. My daughter and I (Dad) are always impressed with every item. Thank you !

  7. Travis

    I ordered a food and clothes box in December as a Christmas gift from My Japan Box, I haven’t recieved a tracking number or had my order released and it’s already almost the end of the following month. I have sent several messages and recieved virtually no information, I got one response weeks ago saying I’d get it in a day or two, and had no response to any of my messages since. This seems almost like a scam, I even paid for tracking and insurance but there is literally NO INFO AT ALL on how to pursue a refund for a non delivered order. I am extremely unimpressed and disappointed in this service, would not order again and definitely wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to get ripped off. I spent nearly 150 bucks only to get nothing.

  8. Laura

    I will NEVER order from them again! My husband ordered a subscription for my 12 year old. We paid extra for tracking, never received the tracking information. I sent 3 emails about the situation and never heard a thing back from them. I messaged them on Facebook. They responded saying they would look into it…nothing after that. I even sent them another message asking what they had found out…nothing! Horrible way to do business!

  9. ange

    Order a one time box with tracking info. Never received a tracking number, only statement saying my order is being processed. Got charged and that was it. Never got a box or any response to any emails sent regarding my order. Don’t order from them!!

  10. Mariah Falin

    Ordered a 6mo subscription in Dec, received 1 box and no other communication or responses to emails. Not only am I disappointed, it so is my son.
    Do not order from them!