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Model Meals is a Whole30 and Paleo-friendly meal plan with a rotating menu designed by professional chefs. Fresh, healthy, ready-to-eat meals ship direct to your doorstep. Whether you want to cut back on sugar or eliminate GMOs from your diet, Model Meals offers flexible, convenient options to fit your life. 

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Product Description

Subscribing to or Ordering from Model Meals

You want to eat better and meet your health goals, but sometimes it seems like everything is stacked against you. We live in a food system that makes it inconvenient and confusing to eat clean. Let’s face facts–most people don’t have the energy when they come home from work to cook a full dinner each night, especially one that adheres to strict nutrition markers. 

Fortunately, Model Meals is here with chef-prepared meals and snacks that are fresh–never frozen–and ready to eat. Model Meals uses top-quality ingredients and has a range of meal plans to fit your lifestyle, budget, and dietary needs. From BBQ chicken meatballs with root mash to loaded paleo breakfast muffins, you’ll receive delicious, nutritious meals and snacks as frequently as you’d like with a rotating menu that includes options.

The bottom line is that Model Meals makes it simple and enjoyable to meet all your dietary goals. If you want to eliminate harmful additives or lose weight, this service is for you. It’s clean, convenient eating that fits your lifestyle and removes all the guesswork from staying on a diet. Plus, Model Meals has a commitment to sustainable eating that shines through in all their meals.

How Model Meals Works

Model Meals offers both an A La Carte option with more than 15 meals and snacks available. This is a great option for anyone who wants to try it out without committing to a subscription. You can also pick up meal bundles through the A La Carte service. A La Carte is now available across the nation.

The Model and the Model + are both subscription services that allow you to select from more than 40 menu options each week. Currently the Model and Model + subscriptions are only available in select California markets. 

The Model plan comes with 5 snacks, 5 lunches, and 5 dinners each week. The Model + is a premium service that includes 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners, and 10 snacks each week. 

Once you’ve selected your plan, then it’s time to choose your meals. Meal packages begin on Sundays and are intended to be eaten Monday through Friday. Billing is weekly from the date you begin your subscription. 

How Much Does Model Meals Cost?

The A La Carte meals vary in price but are somewhat more expensive. Individual meals are $15-19. Five and 10 meal bundles are also available. A 5-meal bundle is $92; a 10-meal bundle is $186. Every A La Carte order under $200 includes a $25 shipping fee. 

For subscriptions, the Model plan costs $225 per week or $15 per meal. This includes 5 snacks, 5 lunches, and 5 dinners each week. The Model + costs $275 weekly or $11 per meal and includes 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners, and 10 snacks each week. Note that both of these subscription plans come with FREE shipping.

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Pros & Cons of Model Meals 


  • Flexibility: Model Meals allows you options in terms of your subscription with two types of plans. Or, if you prefer not to have another subscription, you can order individual meals. Then there’s more flexibility with picking the meals you want and tailoring those meals to your dietary needs.
  • High-quality ingredients: Model Meals is committed to sourcing fresh, organic, local ingredients for all the food it serves. Their meals and snacks include no dairy, no grains, no refined sugars, and no GMOs or additives. When you look at their lists of ingredients, there are no hard-to-pronounce, non-food items included. 
  • Convenient: With either the subscription or a la carte options, you get maximum convenience: meals delivered to your door that are ready to eat. You won’t have to hunt through grocery stores for a specific ingredient. You won’t have to find the energy to cook the meal. Simply reheat your Model Meals whenever you’d like. Or, if you prefer, you can eat these pre-cooked meals cold.  
  • Sustainability: With packaging that’s minimal and compost friendly plus organic ingredients, Model Meals is living up to its mission of environmental sustainability. This commitment is reflected in every meal they serve. 
  • Reasonable pricing: Considering the company’s dedication to providing healthy and nutritious meals, it’s one of the more affordable services around. You could go to the grocery store and find cheaper ways to eat, but the affordability and quality that Model Meals offers is second to none at its price point. Plus, consider all the benefits–financial and otherwise–of leading a healthier life. From missing fewer days at work to fewer doctor’s visits and a higher quality of life, the choice is clear. 
  • Taste: Of course, none of this matters if the food doesn’t taste good. Fortunately, Model Meals delivers in that department. From chicken kebabs to steak salad and much more, you’ll look forward to eating these delicious dishes. Paleo and Whole30 diets don’t have to be lacking in the taste department!


  • Some reviewers have mentioned that the portions are small. Model Meals is intended for people who have specific dietary goals, especially Whole30 and Paleo. Each meal typically includes 4 ounces of protein, 1-2 tablespoons of healthy fat, and a plant-based side or two. If you’re not on a diet but simply want to eat a healthy meal, feel free to add whatever grains, veggies, or other items you’d like. 
  • If you really enjoy cooking meals, then a full subscription is probably not for you. Of course, you can always order individual meals and snacks through their A La Carte service.

How to Maximize Your Model Meals Order

All meals and snacks are shipped fresh and are ready to be eaten. That said, you can always freeze your meals, then thaw them whenever you’d like. 

Every meal includes an image in the product description with detailed, simple nutrition facts so that you know exactly what you’re eating. A label on the package includes the same information.

Once you put in your first order, you’ll receive a tracking confirmation email. You can then sign up for text message alerts that will update you on your order’s progress. 

What’s Inside a Model Meals Box?

With plenty of meals and snacks to choose from each week, you can customize exactly what you get in a Model Meals box. Here are some of the dishes you might see on the menu:

  • Grass-fed steak tips with balsamic mushroom sauce, winter squash, and asparagus
  • Wild salmon patties with coconut creamed greens
  • Pasture-raised grilled chicken with creamy Tuscan sauce, grilled zucchini, and asparagus
  • Pasture-raised chorizo scramble with sweet potato hash
  • Mom’s meatloaf with root mash and Brussels sprouts
  • Harvest breakfast hash with scrambled eggs and bacon
  • Pasture-raised chicken burger with fries

Is Model Meals Right for Me?

Selecting a diet and sticking to it can be difficult, but Model Meals makes it easy. With Whole30 and Paleo-approved ingredients, these meals have everything you need and nothing you don’t–like refined sugar and dairy. Model Meals has fast, convenient delivery so that you can start enjoying delicious and nutritious meals daily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Model Meals Compare to Hello Fresh?

Hello Fresh is a popular meal subscription service. With Hello Fresh, you receive all the ingredients you need to cook homemade meals. Model Meals, on the other hand, provides you with ready-made meals that you simply need to heat. (Or, if you prefer, you can eat them cold.)

Hello Fresh is more geared toward busy families who still want homecooked meals. Model Meals is intended for people who want to improve their diet and eat healthier. 

How Does Model Meals Compare to Hungry Root?

Like Model Meals, Hungry Root is a service that provides healthy options. That said, Hungry Root provides the ingredients while you do the cooking. Model Meals is tailored to those who are specifically looking for Whole30 and Paleo-approved meals and snacks, whereas Hungry Root considers itself an “all-in-one recipe and grocery service.”

How Does Model Meals Compare to Fresh N Lean?

Fresh N Lean delivers ready-to-eat meals to your doorstep just like Model Meals does. Fresh N Lean has a wide range of plans and has more vegan and vegetarian options. 

What is Whole30?

Every meal and snack from Model Meals is Whole30 approved. The founders discovered that Whole30–and the closely related Paleo diet–worked for them. Whole30 is a diet that removes food groups like sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes that have a negative impact on energy levels. If you have consistent aches and pains, digestive issues, persistent allergies, or other health conditions that medication hasn’t helped, then the Whole30 diet could be the reset that your body needs.

What if I’m Not Doing These Diets?

No problem! Model Meals still offers health benefits even if you’re not strictly adhering to Paleo or Whole30. Feel free to mix in your favorite grains, cheeses, or sweets with meals or in between meals.

What Are Model Meals’ Shipping Policies? 

Currently, Model Meals’ subscription service is only available in Southern California. Their A La Carte menu is available nationwide in all 50 states.

For the A La Carte service, Model Meals offers overnight shipping. Meals are shipped within four days of when you place your order. You’ll receive an email with tracking information after you submit your order.

There is no order minimum. Orders that are a total of less than $200 are charged a $25 delivery fee; orders over $200 get free delivery. 

How Often Does the Menu Change?

About once every six weeks, the menu will be refreshed with 15 meals to choose from for the A La Carte service. For subscribers, the menu changes each week.

Do I Need to be at Home When I Receive My Delivery?

No. If there’s a safe place for the driver to leave your box, then you should receive your package without any issue.

How Long Will the Meal Stay Cold?

Meals are shipped in an insulated box that keeps them cold for 48 hours. Once you receive your shipment, put the meals in the refrigerator.

What Is Model Meals’ Return and Exchange Policy?

To obtain full credit or a refund, the order must be canceled before it’s produced and shipped. If you need to cancel your order, email [email protected] to do so.

Can I Change the Meals or Substitute Ingredients?

While Model Meals does offer flexibility, currently they’re not able to substitute or switch the ingredients in the meals contained on the menu. All the ingredients are listed both in the product description and on the meal’s physical nutrition label. 

How Is Model Meals Practicing Sustainability?

Model Meals has compost-friendly, recyclable, minimal packaging for every order. They focus on organic, locally sourced ingredients. They also use responsibly sourced meat and prioritize the compassionate treatment of farm animals. From pasture-raised poultry to grass-fed beef, your conscience can rest easy when your order from Model Meals. 

How Do I Get in Touch with Model Meals?

If you have any questions or feedback, you can email [email protected] or call (949) 610-0869. You’ll receive a response from a real human–not a bot–in 24 to 48 hours. 

Should I Order Model Meals? 

Eating a healthy diet has never been easier or more convenient. If you’re already doing Paleo or Whole30, or you want to give these diets a try, then a Model Meals plan is for you. Even if you aren’t doing these plans and simply want to eat healthier, they can help. With a wide range of tasty meals available, you can feel good about what you eat with Model Meals.

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