MerLady Box

Are you as enchanted with the empowerment, love, beauty and magic of mermaids as we are? We may not be able to make you grow fins but MerLady Box gets you as close as possible.

Experience the freedom and bliss of a mermaid with Merlady Box – a monthly subscription box full of mermaid themed bath, beauty, lifestyle and fashion items. Treat yourself to the depths of relaxation that you deserve.

95 per month

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  1. KB

    I am so excited for the launch of this box!!! <3

  2. Lisa

    Merlady Box does a beautiful social media campaign showcasing delightfully curated images of what you think the box is. But this is all false advertising. All those images you see as the box, that’s not what they are sending you. Not even close. You will receive cheap, banging up old looking products that look like they were found at a .99 cent store. And not one item that is shown in their pictures. Save your money!

    • kendrabartlnv

      I was so excited to receive this box! The beanie alone made the purchase worth it, and the other items were just as fantastic. The Pumpkin Ice bathbomb was perfectly scented, the candle was so amazing (especially for a soy candle!!!), the lip scrub is the only scrub I’ve ever used that works well without leaving my lips raw, and the tote was super adorable. It was exciting to have the girls at MerLady ask our opinions as customers and then act on them. What amazing company! Keep it up, Merbabes!! <3

    • Mandy Strickland

      Hey Lisa,

      I am so sorry to hear that you weren’t pleased with your box. I would love to discuss this with you and get your feedback. Will you please send me an email at [email protected]?



    • Jeannine

      When am I suppose to receive my next box? I got one in may not in June? It is July 6th and have not gotten the 2nd box yet? I signed up for a 3mo subscription

  3. breianahill


  4. Lisa Collins

    I was so looking forward to this box. I am beyond disappointed. The contents were not worth the money. My first box arrived over a month late, the second box arrived two weeks late. Each time with damaged goods. And, it is supposed to include an explanation card of the contents…nope not mine 🙁 Also, it took an email a week for three weeks before anyone even responded to my problem. Then when I told them products arrived damage and/or opened, they would not issue a return. Most of the contents of my two boxes were bath salts. Really, bath salts do not cost that much money! HORRIBLE contents and HORRIBLE customer service. Save your money and go buy some pretty mermaid things yourself.

  5. Rachel Q

    I love getting my merlady box every month. I am always happy with the items. I’m so glad there is a mermaid themed box subscription for me to purchase. These ladies are doing a great job

  6. Jennifer shutt

    I signed up for my lady box May 16 and was charged. It is July 1 I’ve yet to receive one box I have received many excuses and was told I would be charge for the second box yet the first subscription has not yet arrived

  7. Sarah Christoplis

    I have done the Merlady box since the before they even launched, I preordered the month to month subscription and was usually very satisfied. Unfortunately, It is the the middle of August and I still have not recieved my June box. They said there was a flood so I sympathize wit them but two months later and nothing. Now I cannot even get a response on when my box will be here or what my options are. I am very dissapointed. I loved the month to month option but they have taken that away which I think is unfair and seems sketchy to me. Be careful . I will update if I ever get my money back or my box.

    • Brandy

      I took a quick look at their twitter and it looks like they’ve been sending out. If you paid and didn’t receive your previous boxes and they won’t work with you, we suggest disputing with your credit card company. Typically advising a company that you’ll do so gets things moving.

    • gacamari1

      The exact same thing is happening to me! I purchased the July box on JUNE 16th. After reading the fine print, they said estimated shipping date was around July 20th. I’m from San Antonio, TX…the company is located in Dallas, TX. Yet when the date of July 20th came and went with no word of shipment, I became a bit worried. I emailed on July 29 for an ETA, and Founder of Merlady Box Mandy responded with the same “flood at their warehouse” bit. I totally sympathized as well and said I could wait a bit longer while they catch up on orders. I emailed Aug 14th for an ETA, nothing. I emailed on Aug 23 for an ETA, Nothing! On Aug 29th i finally sent an email requesting a refund, but still…NOTHING!!! I can’t reach anybody from the company. I’ve sent insta DMs and still, nothing. Its very frustrating. Unfortunately the next course of action is to make my issue with Merlady box public. Thus, the reason for this post. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!

  8. Jessie Bowen

    I subscribed to the three month package almost a year ago. I recieved two of the three boxes and then the third was “delayed” due to water damage in the warehouse. I was told I would receive it in the next month. Needless to say, I never recieved the box and there was NO customer service by ignoring emails and attempts at contact. Huge bummer. Really liked the concept…but now just feel robbed.