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MEL Physics by MEL Science Reviews

Updated October 28, 2023

MEL Physics by MEL Science

Every month, you’ll receive engaging kids’ science experiments delivered to your home. MEL Physics kits come with everything you need including all components, equipment, and instructions. Your child will hone their problem-solving skills while mastering a range of core physics concepts. MEL Physics also includes VR lessons and a useful mobile app. For children ages 8 to 14+.

90 per month

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Subscribing to MEL Physics

MEL Physics is a subscription from MEL Science, the leader in offering fun, challenging, exciting experiments for kids of all ages. From STEM to chemistry to medicine, MEL is the place to go for complex yet kid-friendly science activities that come with detailed instructions and educational extras. If you want your child to experience real hands-on learning, these kits are for you.

Creating your own physics experiment at home is challenging, to say the least. Even if you have the expertise to do so, you need all the supplies along with step-by-step instructions, equipment, and more. MEL Physics kits are all designed by scientists, then tested by kids to ensure that they’re engaging and meet specific learning outcomes. MEL has done all the work for you, so all you have to do is enjoy learning alongside your child!

Every box comes with up to seven experiments along with immersive AR and VR lessons plus access to webinars taught by professional teachers. Your kid will have a blast discovering the wonder of physics while learning valuable information and skills. From designing their own liquid nightlight to building an electric motor and more, MEL Physics offers unique, super cool projects for your kid to complete!

How a MEL Physics Subscription Works

First, you choose from MEL Science’s options for different subscriptions. Note that at this time, MEL Science doesn’t offer individual kits. Then you choose how many boxes you’d like per month. Then you select whether you’d like annual or monthly billing.

Every month you’ll receive a new science kit that includes all the components, equipment, and guidance your child will need to complete fascinating physics experiments. These experiments have been designed by experts and are guaranteed to be safe. You can also explore more scientific concepts through lifetime access to more than 70 VR lessons and 400 DIY experiments.

With more than 3 million followers worldwide and thousands of happy customers, MEL Science is the ideal way to engage your child’s curiosity for science!

How Much Does a MEL Physics Subscription Cost?

If you choose to bill annually and prepay for a full year, the cost comes out to $29.90 per month. For those who’d prefer to bill monthly, the cost is $39.90. Note that each box has a standard $6 shipping fee in the U.S. You can cancel or modify your subscription at any time.

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Pros and Cons of a MEL Physics Subscription


  • Expert-designed, kid-tested: Each experiment has been designed by professionals and made accessible to a larger audience. Then they’re tested by kids to ensure that they’re fun and educational. MEL Science is an award-winning program because of the rigorous process that informs each kit’s design.
  • Innovative projects and activities: The bottom line is that these experiments are every bit as cool as they appear. MEL Science has gained a tremendous social media following due to the incredible experiments kids are doing every day at home. Your child will be discovering invisible magnetic fields, recreating stratospheric conditions, manipulating lasers, and much more! It’s the best way for your child to dive deeper into science.
  • Excellent quality: MEL Science consistently receives high marks from parents and reviewers alike for the high quality of the components and equipment. This is necessary for the experiments to work correctly.
  • Top-notch instructions: MEL Physics has a commitment to making its instructions easy to understand and accurate. With simplified diagrams and step-by-step visual guidance on how to set up the experiment, MEL makes it simple as possible. Their approach means that your child should be able to complete these activities with minimal intervention.
  • Educational: Your child will learn fundamental scientific concepts by doing hands-on experiments. There’s plenty more to explore to reinforce their new knowledge with VR/AR sessions and live tutorials taught by professionals. With STEM learning more important now than ever before, this is a great way to supplement your child’s learning.
  • Includes everything you need: If you have an enthusiastic young scientist, you’re used to going to the store with a laundry list of items needed for an experiment–some of which may not be readily available. With a MEL Physics subscription, everything you need is included in the box. It’s a far less time-consuming way to nurture your child’s interest in science.


  • Parental supervision is required with most experiments. While MEL Science encourages young scientists to be independent, these experiments are safest with a parent close by. This is especially true for those on the younger side of the 8 to 14 age range.
  • MEL Science seeks to ignite a passion for science in your child. That said, if your child has other stronger interests, this subscription may not be for them.
  • These experiments are designed to be accessible but challenging. Not every 8-year-old will have the patience to complete these kits. Make sure that your child is ready to spend the time needed for each box before subscribing. Of course, you could also check out their subscriptions for Coding and STEM, which are both geared toward younger kids.

What’s Inside a MEL Physics Box?

Each box contains high-quality components, equipment, and instructions for completing multiple experiments. All of this is packed neatly and tightly in the parcel you’ll receive. You’ll also gain access to lessons going into more depth on the physics concepts explored through each hands-on activity. Here are a few examples of what to expect with a MEL Physics subscription:

  • Alternative energy: This explores topics like energy transfer, photoelectricity, thermoelectricity, and more. Your child will also learn about alternatives to fossil fuels like wind and solar energy. And they’ll do this through a hands-on experiment where they build miniature wind and solar power stations! This is a great example of how MEL Physics takes an abstract concept your child might learn about in school, then runs with it in an interactive experiment.
  • Electric motor: Your child will build an electromagnet, an electric generator, and an electric motor with this kit. They’ll learn about how to manipulate magnetic forces and how electrical devices can function even without batteries. Core physics concepts covered in this kit include magnetic fields, electron flow, electromagnets, and more.
  • Vacuum: Air has strength that only comes out when one part of it is removed. This kit teaches your child how to manipulate this phenomenon. Your child will learn how to boil water and how to deflate and inflate marshmallows by using a vacuum device.
  • Lenses: This kit explores how a beam of light, which seems intangible, moves through the air. Your child will learn about using lenses to reveal and manipulate a laser beam through building a light-bending device, a laser knife, and a spherical microscope. These experiments create fascinating light effects that will delight your child!
  • Hydrophobicity: That sure is a mouthful! Hydrophobicity refers to the unique property of repelling water. This kit includes fascinating experiments such as hydrophobic sand–sand that doesn’t get wet in water–and a droplet labyrinth where liquid soaks in or flees.

Maximizing Your MEL Physics Subscription

When you subscribe to MEL Physics, you gain lifetime access to a database of lessons that explore topics tied to each experiment. Take advantage of the MEL Science app, VR experiences, and more to get the most out of your subscription. The app even allows your child to send photos of experiments when they’re done, ideal for showing off to friends or keeping grandparents in the loop.

When the box hits your doorstep each month, be sure to set aside time to complete the kit. Many of these projects are challenging and will take time to complete. If your kid is studying for a test the next day, you may want to hold off until you can devote adequate time.

Is MEL Physics Right for My Child?

You’ve got a curious young mind in your home who’s always eager to learn more. You can nurture this adventurous spirit with a MEL Physics subscription. Your child will go from watching YouTube videos of cool experiments to actually doing those experiments in no time! With affordable prices, high-tech extras, and easy-to-follow instructions, MEL Physics is making fascinating scientific experiments accessible to all!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does MEL Physics Compare to KiwiCo?

KiwiCo is another educational subscription box that promises fun for children of all ages. KiwiCo’s offerings include a range of subjects from engineering and science to cooking and art. Just like with MEL Science, KiwiCo will send everything you need to complete projects.
The biggest difference between the two is that MEL Physics is focused more on laboratory experiments designed to teach core science topics, whereas KiwiCo appeals to a more general audience. If your child loves painting or baking, a KiwiCo subscription might be a better choice. But if your child wants to dive deep into the scientific world, then a MEL subscription is the way to go.

What Age Range Is MEL Physics For?

MEL Physics is designed for kids 8 to 14+.

Are MEL Physics Experiments Safe?

Yes. All MEL Science activities are put through rigorous testing to ensure the highest levels of safety. Experiments do require parental supervision.

What Are MEL Science’s Shipping Policies?

Each box costs $6 for shipping. US orders ship from a domestic warehouse and typically take 3 to 14 days to arrive from when the order is placed.

For EU subscribers, orders ship from an EU warehouse and can take up to a month to arrive. For subscriptions in the UK and elsewhere, orders are fulfilled at a UK warehouse. Expect delivery 7 to 14 days from the date of order in the UK, and up to a month for all other countries.

With every order, you will receive tracking information via email that includes an estimated period of delivery.

What Are MEL Science’s Return and Refund Policies?

Orders that have been dispatched are not eligible for a refund. You can receive a refund for an order that has yet to be dispatched.

If you receive a kit that’s damaged, send a photo of the kit to [email protected] to request a refund. If you don’t receive your kit in the estimated time of delivery on your account, notify MEL Science to arrange for a replacement or refund.

How Do I Cancel a MEL Physics Subscription?

Log in to your account with your email address. Here you’ll have the option to pause your account for up to three months or unsubscribe. For prepaid subscribers, contact [email protected] to request your account be suspended or canceled.

Can I Purchase Kits Individually?

Currently, MEL Science does not offer individual kits for sale. However, they are planning on offering this option soon.

If you just want to try out a subscription, you can do so by selecting the monthly option. If you receive your first kit and love it, simply continue with your subscription. If not, then you can cancel at any time.

Should I Get MEL Physics for My Child?

Do you want your child to fall in love with science? Then MEL Physics is a great choice. These incredible experiments are accessible, fun, and educational. Combined with access to an amazing library of VR and AR resources, MEL Physics is the best subscription for exploring everything from energy transfer to magnetism and much more!

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