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Each monthly Matchbox is filled with small trinkets focused on fun and unique themes like office party survival kits or tropical getaways. You deserve more than bills in your mailbox. Treat yourself to a tiny delight that will make you smile.

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  1. gicellisr

    So, when I first received this subscription box, I would’ve sworn that it was a small standard sized box, but no it’s literally the size of my thumb. Also, the products in it were so crappy, especially for 7 dollars, like c’mon what a rip off. I received a little gold candle, a paper crown, and a little bit of confetti. Cute Idea, but no one is going to pay 7 dollars for it.

  2. jannieb

    Rip off alert. I received my 1st box in Oct. & all I received was a gold colored candle, a tiny bag & confetti & a paper crown 🙁
    No value at all. The owner of this subscription service is laughing all the way to the bank because you paid $7 for their crap! BOO!!

  3. theary

    I’m not frugal by any means. The box was cute, I could say I loved it, if it were a better experience all around. It came in a plain white bubble envelope and the matchbox. I guess I was expecting a welcome and enjoy your box leaflet. Or maybe a little info on what I received in my box. Especially for a $7.00 subscription. Also, it made me a little sad that the rainbow “crayon” shook around smudge the little sticky notes during travel. Envelope not pictured.

  4. sispoo5

    So disappointed. The advertising pic is somewhat misleading. While I understand that the items in the box will be small, I was expecting a couple more of them. There was definitely room in the box for say a little pencil and a piece of gum to go with the School days theme. The box is truly the size of a matchbox. The items I received were a crafty paperclip, a popscicle shaped eraser, a star shaped paper clip and a cute sticker. For $7 I was hoping for a little more. Cute idea though.

    • yankeesgirl36

      If your All This Inclined to Spend 7.00$ I will GALDY accept it towards my childrens Daily School Lunch fund, And Send you MANY *Cutsie* Little Items that I would have My Girls HANDCRAFT… Im so sorry you were All RIPPED OFF in such a Way!! This *Business Owner* Should be VERY Ashamed of themselves!! I would demand a Refund Immediately!! $7.00 may NOT be A Ton of Money, However It Could go VERY FAR for those in Actual Need!! God Bless you Buyers!!

    • jannieb

      NO REFUNDS! When I emailed them they said “too bad!”